Player who needs alliance

Hello! Does anybody know an alliance to join?

I participate in any raid I can and play tournaments often. My trophy count is around 700

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Tell me ur username and pin and ill friend you on jwa. My trophy count is 4200 something

Spitland needs a spot

My username on it is Din0ssquad55

700 is a little low for trophy count, but my alliance will be happy to have you. We get Rank 9/10 weekly incubators. However, Discord activity is mandatory for us. Do you have Discord?



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What’s the alliance?

My team is Dimodactylus, Erlikogamma, Ovilophosaurus, Thylacotator, Purutaurus, Procerathomimus, Inosotherium, and Amargocephalus

Wellcome to alliance Wildcats

The alliance name is just needed an alliance

Wildcats. Wellcome)