Player with epics at Level 8

Ohhhh! I see what ya mean about da coin thing, I only wish I had that kind cash to splash! I’m struggling to level up the Dino’ I’ve got. The sad thing is! I spend $50 a fortnight on it anyways, I know it’s not a lot of cash, but it is for me!! Thanks for reply an support. :kissing_heart:

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I’m catching da bus into the city today!! :joy::joy:

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I don’t drive so I’m limited in where a bus can take me

You know you can just like reply to everyone in the one comment? Just put an @ then their name like this @Splashcat67


I play way too much!!! But I don’t drive an have social anxiety/ agoraphobia so I really don’t get out much usually only close to home.

I have 158,000+ coins but never spent real money. I just collect them and if you noticed, none of my Dino are past level 15? That’s because I’m too cheap to rank them up. I only level up Dino’s that I use for battles. That’s wherw all my coins come from. Lol. But since those treasure chest showed up, I’ve been opening them up every day.

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Ok@Heather, got it! Thanks for helping da tech/chat dumb. :joy:

Is there a way to swap your collection into your team so you can battle them?

why are you playing level 8 trex gen 2 instead of your level 15 majundasuchus?

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U think I should change back? I just haven’t had much luck with him lately an I just swapped him out, to try da gen 2 Rex. An if I be honest he’s not really working out either. I’ll take ur advice an swap back. Thanks.
P.S… It was Trex envy :joy::joy:

If you are asking how to put different dinos from your collection into your team of 8, here’s how.
Go to your dino screen and click Modify

Then choose the one you want to take out, and then your dinosaur collection will light up to choose one to exchange it with. Then click Done.

I have two epics (I’m level 7) but only from battle incubators. I’ve only found a Wild Epic twice

I’m Level 8 and have a total of six, all but one (My Sarcorixis) strictly from incubators I’ve gotten after winning arena battles. But only two of them (my Kentrosaurus & StygimoIoch) are higher than their initial level of 11. I live in a rural neighborhood, and there aren’t any event supply drops within walking distance. The closest one is about a five or ten minute drive away, but I don’t have a car or anyone with one who’s willing to take me, so I’m limited to lucky (and CLOSE, read, near enough that I don’t need to use my LTE/3G/4G connection) spawns, which, because of my location, hardly happen at all.

I only regularly use two of the ones I have (It was three, but I just switched out my Monolophosaurus for my Suchotator, though I haven’t used it in a fight yet.), though— my T-Rex and Sarcorixis.

Ok thanks … I’d been using the ones in my team, level 2-3’s…while my collection had level 6-7’s in there… I was not tapping the one I wanted to change was holding my finger on it, so it wasn’t working… I didn’t get a tutorial so was a little confused

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Check out the hybrid chart at the bottom of this article:

You will find some really nice epics that combine off common/rare that will get you a good started deck pretty quick.

My personal favorite is

@Splashcat67 “da” sounds like a good idea

I’m dead how did I know it would be you :joy:

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they most likely got the AMC incubator as well back when the movie came out. It had tons of DNA, coins and guaranteed a lvl 12 epic. Not only that but epics are not hard to get if you’re getting all the park events that include epics. Make sure you always have an incubator going, many of them include epic DNA.

t-rex likes to. appear by the mall near me… idk of thats @ all helpful

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@carlsberglewis OMG! Ur sooo funny!!!