Player with epics at Level 8

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Next week actually. Make sure it’s a Webster’s

I don’t get much spawning in my area either so my team is to as strong as others. Just a building game and that’s half the fun! I’m level 9 and have about 10/15 epics but most aren’t strong enough for my battles so need to use my higher commons more.

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i would also recommend playing velociraptor instead of dracorex. velociraptor is a really strong dinosaur that if you know when to let it die and when to swap it out it really shines. i am arena 7 and velociraptor is still useful

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I see the t.rex every so often but usually not within walking distance. Or it’s in walking distance and the arthritis in my ankles is acting up. I’m at 85/150 Rex dna.

I’m lvl 8 and only have 4 epics.

The Sino and Stig came out of incubators that I won. The hybrids were some of the same and when euplocephalus was everywhere. Now apatosaurus is everywhere.

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Looking at your picture, there might be another explanation for why you have so few epics while being at level 9…

You might not have a lot of epic dinosaurs, but you have way more overpowered common dinosaurs than most players as far as I know. Personally, I don’t hunt for common dinosaurs anymore unless I can use their DNA to make hybrids or for use in gyms. My only overpowered (higher than level 12) commons are Velociraptor, Stegosaurus and Allosaurus.

By evolving common dinosaurs, you get experience points, which raise your level as a player. My hypothesis would be that it’s not that you meet less rares and epics than other players, but that you collect way more DNA from common dinosaurs than other players. This way, and by evolving your commons to high levels, you make way more experience points than most players.

In other terms, your style of play (collecting and evolving to high levels common dinosaurs) could make you reach high levels as a player way faster than any other players, without meeting more rares or epics, resulting in this situation where you are yourself at a high level without having a lot of epics…

Sure, some maths would be necessary to prove this hypothesis!

From a level 9 player with 15 epics!

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It is very easy. Just play the game and only level up necessary dinosaurs… You will have low player level.

I’m level 9 and a half and I have 15 epics in total varying from levels 11 to 13. Never paid a penny to the game, does that mean I’ve cheated? I go out on special events and catch as many commons as I can so I can fuse them. Get catching!

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free player here. i got boatloads of epic and rare DNA twice when unlocking a couple 24 hour incubators.


Makes sense. Thanks.

I believe you have way too much tanks. Armor piercing dinos like trex might be hard to kill for you. And you have no way of killing raptors either. I would recomment switching out 2 tanks for 2 trex-ish dinosaurs.(slow, big dinos with armor piercing attacks an dhigh damage) amd take out another tank for velociraptor. Its lv 14 itll be good i promise

To those saying the person with 1000+ cash in game must spend money, you’re quite wrong. I started playing roughly two weeks ago and I do tapjoy’s “Download and play” offers quite frequently. I had roughly 1000 cash within the first few days of playing from two of the “download and reach level x” offers. Cooking Frenzy Reach level 31 gave me 700 cash and Final Fantasy Reach Building Level 6 gave me 400 or so. It is 100% possible to play this game and have tons of cash without ever spending a dime. :grinning:

How can you base the amount of coins and cash on whether someone has spent money or cheated? Also you say you didn’t get TRex until lvl 10, well that sucks for you, but that doesn’t mean people that don’t spend money can’t get TRex before level 10.

I’m currently level 8 and this is my team.

I got a Rex already, and at level 12. I don’t live in a park, in fact I was walking to Tescos the other day and one appeared right in my location, that was enough for me to level it to 12. Did I spend money? No. I was lucky for sure.

You see I have 94k coins, I had 100k last week. Have I spent money to get them? No. I only spend coins on dinos if I need to upgrade them, which is why I have 38 dinos that I could level if I wanted but that would be a waste of money.

The green money when i’ve reached 570 then 600 I spent on incubator, if I hadn’t done that i’d have 1,100+ money. Did I cheat? No.

Maybe you just don’t play enough to take advantage of opportunities, but don’t base your situation on others and claim they pay or cheat to reach a TRex at lvl 8 or have 100k coins.

I had quite a few epics and lower lvl common dinos at lvl 9. But that is because my main time to catch dinos is as a passenger in the car. I try to only catch the hybrid DNA builders, rares and epics. No time for the commons when there could be a better dino just down the road. I only catch those when I’m at home or walking my dog and can take the time to catch everything around me.

I’m howling at you saying Tesco’s half the people on here won’t even know what that is :joy:

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It’s a supermarket in the UK :joy: