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Players, gain more desired DNA quickly in strategic CoOps

Building a level 20 sanctuary to gain maximum DNA does not have to take days when working together with strategic and dedicated alliances. Two level 20s can be built simultaneously in under a day, see image below!

ARK Alpha, is a Super Coop where two-level 20 sanctuaries are built simultaneously in less than 24 hours. ARK2, our casual CoOp partners, joins in the strategy by providing a third level 20 sanctuary. As a result, 1,150 players enjoy the 3 sanctuaries and the variety of dinos it brings thanks to refined strategies.

Why is finding teams that participate in CoOp beneficial to you?

You want to achieve level 20 as soon as possible with as little sanctuary tools so you can get more with no or little waste!

*A set of tools is 1 Food, 1 Toy, 1 Interaction.

What you must know before joining an alliance in a CoOp.

Many alliances have found that CoOps that encourage the use of all of your food, interactions, and toys (FITs) on a high sanctuary point dino is simply WASTE and unfair to their players. The DNA you get per interaction is fixed per sanctuary level reached so you can never make up what you have already wasted along the way. This is not strategic nor advocated in The Teams of ARK.

Careful balancing of the sanctuary point average with the desired dinosaurs via a fair voting system leads to faster growth. Sanctuary strategists should always organize and deploy the most efficient plan to ensure quick leveling of the sanctuary. ARK has tested various methods and proved that building fast strategic sanctuaries does not require waste. Before our two sanctuary build attempts, our single sanctuary build time was 4 hours and 42 minutes.

Simply, a faster build means you have access to maximum DNA sooner, so there is no delay. Therefore, when selecting your next alliance remember that being a player in a strategic CoOp will bring you more DNA per tool spent. Ask questions about how they run their sanctuaries and what they expect from you as a player. After all, more DNA will lead to faster fusing leveling of dinos and a stronger core team.

Hoping this answers any questions you may have as to why level 20 sanctuaries are important to you as a player, how choosing the right CoOp can make a world of difference, and how this can benefit your path to building your dream dinosaur team.

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I joined ARK back in January of this year and since then i have been 10/10 for 17 consecutive weeks and also had 1-3 level 20 sanctuaries every sanctuary rotation with the last numerous rotations being 3 level 20s.

Come join in on the fun and game changing experience. Meet tons of like minded players and new friends. Lots of familiar names from this forum too! We help each other and share tips and have a good time cutting up. No drama!