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Players not allowed to retry when passed raids fail/surrender

Whenever a raid is passed to another player and the raid is unsuccessful whether it be surrender or death, the team is not given the option to retry the battle but is just stated that the lobby is no longer available. It is a hassle because now players will need to bother other teammates to pass the lobby each attempt the same team makes. Please fix this issue and address it.

Also while I am at it, there are constant issues with the friends list not populating proper names and player names are displayed as loading instead of who that player is. We are able to see the alliance they belong in but not the players themselves. Thanks! @Ned

Thanks lyonidus, I’ll pass this to our team!

Regarding the loading issue on your friends list, could you please check and see if you have over 50 friends? If so, please try reducing the number to under 50 and see if that helps with the issue.

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Thank you Ned appreciate you relaying!

Not sure if this helps but I just learned that the issue with the retry specifically occurs when you are passed a raid from a different timezone and someone from that same timezone is not in the raid with you. For example, my Australian friend passed a raid to me and left the lobby, and so I invited my North American friends to raid, we all died and were not able to retry and so we had to bother my Australian friend again to pass in order to try the raid again.

With the second issue, I have at least twice that many friends, and so do most of the player base. When trying to raid with multiple members of an alliance and then others its very hard to have 50 or less friends. I am patient and don’t mind waiting on this one as i’m sure there’s a lot on the team’s plate. Cheers once again much appreciated.

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