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Players quit due to dart supply

Ludia, I know several players that are quitting JWA because of the lack of dart supply. They are moving on to other games. Luckily I still have several thousand. Please return to the 350 darts for 100 cash.


Removing the dart cap or increasing it significantly would also be an option.


You mean coins, not cash, right?

Cuz no way am I losing 100 dino bucks for darts


Yup has to be coins.


1-2 Packs/day would be nice,


Quit because the game is repetitive, not because of darts. You could try spinning supply drops


The supply drops are not the problem. The problem is when you activate a 3 hour scent, the supply drops cannot keep up. I have burnt through all the darts i had in less than 15 minutes.

Meaning if you see a bunch of dinos you want, now you have to make choices and fast to get what you need, rathern than grabbing everything you want.


i’ve never thought there should be a limit on the amount of darts you can hold. 140 is very low. there is no harm in raising it because it boost activity. the only reason there is a limit is so that people will purchase darts with real money and that is just insane.


I don’t see a dart supply problem and I constantly use the 3hr scent. Its about how willing u are to maximise the amount of darts u collect, considering that the 3hr scent is genuinely already enough hel p. So if u want to make full use of this generous feature, I suggest u go around and spin some supply thingos because its not too hard. However I do agree that they shud increase the dart limit to around 300-500


Are you sat at home or out walking? If sat at home due to covid I can understand the frustration but if you are out walking you should be tapping every supply drop you find and it will provide enough darts.

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Not a single person in my alliance, or anyone else I’ve spoken has this issue.
Maybe new players who haven’t stacked up enough on the 350 packs or players who think they should never move have this issue, but if you complain about something trivial like this and quit because of it, you’re not worthy of the game. Giga scents and dart packs are an unnecessary luxury. And there are more supply drops than ever, all over the place.

I bought all the packs since introduction and still have about 330k darts left. And I do dart quite a bit.

You know what the solution should be? Stop handing out giga scents. Those things make no sense. But the community is gonna complain too much when those are taken away, so they can’t.


Ludia, if u can hear me, please make the dart sale (you get them by coins) return please. The majority of my cash is nearly wasted because of this and I hardly complete my daily missions too.


I don’t know if the dart sale should return, but I see zero point in having a dart limit. It achieves nothing.


What happened when you’ve run out of darts and running a Giga scent…


It’s not that easy bro. Especially in this quraintaine.

From my home I have 3 supply drops. As u can guess clearly not enough at all. And I won’t be surprised if there r people with 0-2 supply drops. And of course if u pay for VIP u get more or some player has way more then I have, they don’t need to care. But still the dart packs would’ve been nicer for us.

I do miss a lot of Dino from the Giga sent. Even tho I try to dart minimum but still I run out of darts.


Although I sympathize you can leave your house even during a quarantine, they restrict going out in public but they always allow things like walks. If you’re spinning drops while darting you will never run out of darts and if you were buying during the sale you’d have almost inexhaustible amounts. This is just 1 of the many unnecessary complaints that water down the necessary ones, Ludia has an excuse for not listening because so much of what’s being asked for is honestly kind of silly. Let’s focus on big picture and utilize the available solutions for the simple stuff


I have tried to keep up wwith the 3 hour scent with supply drops and i ahve 10 about me. I don’t normally do this while i am out and about for different reasons.

But the point still stands.

I normally do this at home while working on other things. But yeah, the amount you get from supply drops is not enough unless you are on the move.

Well I would rather not break the rule of as u have said. And as I am only a kid my parents won’t let me go outside.

And of course not everyone has stated the game after the coins had been in sales to collect 200k like my main do but my alt has stated after it was removed. And I believe there r also many new players who have stated playing the game. And if u say that I can fulfill my darts by just collect after darting then u r terriblely wrong. I guess u can’t realised that u may sometimes get 2 darts per supply drop each if u r Unlucky and it takes 10-13 darts to complete a full battery creature.

If this problem seems to be silly for u. Then u can just step aside cuz we have the problem and let us solve it by trying to get the attention of Ludia.

I understand u probably can’t always be so involved in the game, but the game is meant for people on the game and it loses its nature if its to be played in a sedentary manner, so that’s why I’m kinda against it