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Players showing zero trophies

There are two theories for this other than the obvious one that these players haven’t battled in the arena.

  1. It’s a glitch, nothing ominous.

  2. They’ve been flagged by Ludia and have flouted the rules at some point.

So am I right in my assumption?

They haven’t played yet this season.

We have a few in my Alliance with 0 trophies but with the new tools I can see that they have been otherwise active. It’s tough because without them battling they are hampering our Alliance missions. They are donating and hitting everything else, so we don’t want to harsh as if they don’t want to battle we can’t force them to and I wouldn’t want to.

Yeah thanks guys, but what is puzzling me is that I’ve seen screenshots from players showing their trophy count, yet it says zero on the alliance leaderboard.

How is that possible?

Ludia introduced more bugs.
it’s most likely a glitch.

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Early days for this side of the game. It may well be buggy for a little while until the next update.

Mine still shows as 0 on my game, but the Leader says I have an actual number when she looks at it on her game. I have no idea what number of days it shows.

I also have some players with zero trophies in my alliance, at least one of them do his battles and DBI’s everyday I can be sure cause I see his screenshots, so I think it’s a bug. Another update another bunch of bugs.

Or they are busy with their lives in the real world and are unaware of the trophy reset. It does tend to happen.

I find it strange that I am placed in last place among my alliance even though I have over 48k trophies now.

You are in that place when you look at it on everyone elses screen.

0 trophies are most likely not battling… my understanding of flagged trophies is they can gain trophies just not show up on leader board.

Oh ok that may explain it

makes two of us i am also in the same situation as you, our alliance list of members shows me as last place yet i have a trophy count of 4686 in total ? go figure? why this happens is anyone’s guess i thought it was a glitch from when you won trophies in arenas so i did a couple of battles to try and correct the problem of being last… no go it would not budge from last place… despite winning more trophies i am still in last place with no adjustment of the alliance list showing my proper place on the trophy count list ?? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

It does that for everyone… on your screen your in last place… unless there are players with 0 trophies.

Ie on my screen im in last place. On my kids screen im in second place and they are in last place.

Hi, I am having the same problem in my alliance. I have over 4000 trophies, do all my missions and am usually between 5th and 7th from the top. I check every day to see if I have moved, but no, I am somewhere from the bottom to halfway of the list. My son says I’m showing 0 when he looks at me from his alliance. Cant see how to fix this, any help would be very much appreciated.