Players that are levels below me that still I can't beat them


Okay is it normal for you to be like three levels above another opponent in a bottle and for them to still beat you and be able to get three hits in on your dinosaur before you can even hit I’ve had this happen multiple times with numerous players


Which dino you use and what arena?


That’s part of playing; figuring out which dinos to use, how to counter the other person’s dinos, when to use a defense move or an offense move.

What does your team look like?


I also change it around a lot but that’s what it’s been for like a week


And I’m in 4


Is there anything I can change


You’re still at the stage where speed matters the most. Get velociraptor and erlikosaurus in there. And drop apatasaurus and sarcosuchus.


Hi there you are still very new to the game with that team. Some Dino’s have a great move set, with instant move or stuns and can have a few turns in a row. I lost count of how many hits I took from Parolach yesterday (I think it was 6!)
You want to start fusing Dino’s together as much as you can because generally the higher the rarity the better the Dino (there are exceptions)


You definitely want to put your epics in. Especially the red and black one. Can’t remember his name Orangesaurus or something. He has a swap out move which is really important as you need to swap out at least one Dino ever battle to get full use of the 4 Dino’s at your disposal.


The croc is rubbish. You are gonna need to head out and hunt down some better Dino’s before you get much success. There are epic Flying Dino’s around today so go out and spend all 6 attempts on the one Dino and get him (her) in your team and then learn how to use the swap in tactics
Good luck


Has definitely happened to me. I’m level 15 but was recently beaten by a level 12 player with legendary and uniques above level 22. I wish I’m that efficient with my coins and leveling, they clearly know where to use their resources.


Oh and if you plan on playing for a while don’t waste coins on Dino’s your not going to use. Coins although abundant in the early game b come more important than anything else eventually. I’ve got about 95 Dino’s ready to evolve but can’t spare the coins to level them up.


Generally (I’m sure others will have different advice) only evolve Dino’s to that can fuse to make better Dino’s and only evolve them to the level required to do so.
There are a few common Dino’s that are still used if you can get enough DNA such as Velociraptor Allosinosaurus and Tanycolgarus (what ever it’s called). Ok that’s probably enough advice for one morning


Drop croc and diloranosaur gen 2,change with epic kolashucus and ouranosaur.


Ouranosaur is strong dino skill set, superity strike, then greater stuning then swap. He will out of batle and when your 2nd dino dead bring that ourano again use same skill set.