Playing 1 year post reshuffle, which unlocks can I still get?

I’ve now been playing for just over 1 year as a post reshuffle player. And a max park level player since about April of '20.

I compiled a list of all of the dinos I don’t have unlocked (Common/Rare/Super Rare/Legendary).

I know that all of the Jurassic ones at this point, likely won’t ever get an unlock.

But, I’m wondering about the Aquatic and Ceno that I don’t have unlocked. Do other post reshuffle players have them unlocked?

List including Jurassic, Ceno and Aquatic for completeness:

Tuojiangosaurus - J
Coloborhynchus - J
Pelecanimimus - J
Allosaurus - J
Gigantotosaurus - J
Nasutoceratops - J
Corythosaurus - J
Pyroraptor - J
Tyrannotitan - J
Euoplocephalus - J
Parasaurolophus - J
Rajasaurus - J
Sarkastodon - C
Doedicurus - C
Metriorhynchus - J
Supersaurus - J
Entelodon - C
Aerotitan - J
Onchopristis - A
Leptocleidus - A
Elasmosaurus - A
Trinacromerum - A
Suchomimus - J
Baculites - A
Sarcosuchus - J
Shunosaurus - J
Prionosuchus - J
Dimetrodon - J
Scaphognathus - J
Kronosaurus - A
Styxosaurus - A
Rhizodus - A


Same I lost para pyro Galli I had every rare in the most unlocked I was only missing giga and tyranotitan

I had no idea it was that many creatures that haven’t had any unlocks after the reshuffle. That’s just ridiculous. Feel pretty lucky now for all our accounts.


This makes me sad for completionism players as that is a goal that I know I have and this would drive me crazy.

This is speaking to the common, rare and super rare creatures the legendary and up take time but the lower ones just seem dumb to not have unlock chances for


What’s even crazier is i have most of these at 40 and also have their hybrid counterparts also, so what would the point be for ludia to keep these creatures locked for players like me?

I think that they should put coding in place, once you unlock the hybrid it unlocks its counterparts also, so for instance I fuse for supranotitan I receive unlocks for supersaur and tyranotitan.


Styxosaurus, Supersaurus, Onchopristis, and Shunosaurus have all been unlock prizes for lower brackets in bracketed tournaments, but that doesn’t help you any.


Think I missed out on styxosaur was definitely playing the game at the time so I do not know why I didnt participate lol

In fact, if I’m being honest we don’t even need unlocks for the Legendary creatures, we get them just enough from Events and Trades. Of course, unlock events would be most appreciated, but just saying that they’re not fully necessary — It’s the lower rarities that are the most annoying and need unlock events.

I got my last Euoplocephalus needed for a max in December whereas I was able to max Suchomimus and Sarcosuchus within September, after which I got so many copies that I didn’t even mind fusing them for Suchoripterus and Koolasaurus.

By some luck I got enough copies of Metriorhynchus to have a level 40 through Trades before hitting Park Level 99, it’s so annoying that I haven’t even recieved one copy since then.

I still only have 4 copies of that Dino. Oh well. I have a few locked super rare hybrids due to ludia’s choices on this. And that is after a year of playing, 9 months of VIP. Whatever. My time playing will likely drastically change after I get an Indoraptor and the newness wears off.


I have the Indoraptor already, and I think you probably won’t mind these base unlocks once you have that. I myself have stopped taking screenshots of Pyroraptors and Suchomimuses on getting those.:joy:

Rip level 30 pyroraptor I already got max Carno I can’t get carnoraptor

I think when I got carno I maxed him faster than when I maxed out trike boi

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