Playing a Variety of Teams

I’ve been in the mood to put different not much used creatures to use.

I just want to show you can win with any team. I have lots of creature in the level range you see and I don’t lose that much with a weaker team. Once a team gets into their pecking order, they start to win.
These are the last 5 teams I’ve played till I win and then switch to a new team starting from my current team.

Bleeders: All with a first move bleed. Won the 2nd battle. Time for a new team.
My Bleeders
Slothy Camouflagers: Too long of matches with these guys. Won the 2nd battle.
My Slothy Camouflagers
Flocks: Played once, won and switched to a new team.
Team Flocks
My Gorgo Team: Lost so much, it put me down into the Estates before I finally won against the A.I. I think I lost like 4 battles in a row.
Team Trebax
My Big Noodles: I won on the first battle.
My Longnecks

Next up to play tomorrow is going to be this team. I expect to fall back into the Estates but that’s OK.
Chicken Littles


What’s the theme? Feathers?

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Maybe the Bird Herd or Chicken Littles.

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I changed one creature out to make it more all the ground birds. I lost the first battle to someone with a level 24 flock of Coelhaast boosted to high heaven but won the next battle to a normal team.

Chicken Littles