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Playing ALL my Creatures

So as a way to ensure I play all my creatures, I printed out my entire team on to card paper.
Then I cut them out.
Then I draw them out of a bowl.
So this is what I started with. Kind of a team of mis-fits. All my teams are like this.

So I played 10 battles, using 4 in each battle. I then replace the 4 I used with new ones.
After dropping below 4500 trophy’s, I get the I.A. after two losses so I would not switch my creatures for those. I only lost to one boosted I.A. but after winning the I.A. and playing a real player again, I keep switching the ones I use in battle into another container so I don’t re-use them.

I went through 28 creatures so far with 108 more creatures to play. I was really slaughtered the first few battles but as I drop (not on purpose) I’m getting more take downs and closer to winning. I was really close the last one. I should find my place in the pecking order in the next 4 or 5 battles. That’s when the challenging fun really begins. I’m trying to win with creatures most don’t play.

In doing this, it’s for fun on my end but on my opponents end, they seem to stick to the same creatures. So I play pretty much against the same ‘core’ creatures.


I like it i will try for fun

I can respect that, and it looks really fun too! It’s my goal to get everything up to level 20, but that won’t be for a long time.

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That is an awesome way of playing @Oriondestiny. Absolutely love it!

You should laminate the pictures if you are gonna do this for a while