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Playing Around With Locked Creatures

Another Jurassic Fury post about locked creatures.

We will not have events for some base creatures which is justified (not really but for argument sake) but now even the purchase with DBs option is gone. Is anything going to be done about it?

@Ned @Keith @Daven could you please look into this, since the DBs purchase were our closest call to getting locked creatures? I hope the removal of DBs purchase was a bug.


Also to add on to what fury is saying, I really want a chance at psephoderma unlock, please make psephoderma an unlock for higher level players at some point would be very grateful :slight_smile:


I have passed on your request to the team.


Thank you for passing it on @Keith, if possible could you also please forward the concern for the other Jurassic unlocks? I know that it’s frustrating to hear the same complaint over and over but if it could be done, that would be nice…