Playing from home


This is a suggestion for a fake Gps option that is controlled by Ludia. While I do enjoy the walking and traveling part of this game it is not always possible (inclement weather, not safe, injury, low data…). Maybe under settings there can be a remote location option that offers 2 or 3 random address where the game is played that changes daily or weekly. VIP could have an additional option where they can type in the address of their choice. The default is of course your own location and would change back to it when the game is turned off or the random options reset. The speed could be set at a walking pace on roads and open blue/green areas that slows down when going through buildings and water (to cut down on people zipping around too much). A directional pad with a stop/start button in the corner would control it. This would help players with limited mobility, who for whatever reason, to play more and everyone could see more of this dinosaur filled world without risking using any of those fake GPS apps.


With all due respect, the last thing this game (or ANY AR game for that matter) needs is “sanctioned spoofing”.

Getting out and exploring your area is at the core of all AR games. Letting you play from home runs opposite of what these games are meant to be. I can understand how bad weather or neighborhoods or rural areas with sparse spawns and supply drops can suck, but better solutions need to be found other than spoofing.


Unless you’re disabled in which case tough yeah?

I actually think it’s a decent idea.

Disabled and rural you might as well never play the future of mobile gaming and go back to candy crush.


It’s not a game dude ~ is sport app like PMGO.
I don’t understand why ppl keep using sport app when they don’t want to go out.


Dude, it’s a game, based on a hugely ACCESSIBLE franchise. It not a sport app, that’s a fit bit.

I thought discrimination was 2002 not 2018. The guys suggestion is valid and relevant.


I don’t support this idea, sorry.


I hope that the servers can or will be able to handle something like this since such things are always trying to be improved. It is a suggestion. I hope Ludia can do this or at least give them ideas for something similar even if it is not mine.

Please share any ideas it helps move the game forward and include more people in it. Even if it is only a vague idea me or someone else could help. If you already have please include the topic.


@FoeHammer thanks I’m glad you liked the idea :blush:. If you think of anything that could improve on this please share. I would really like a way to explore and hunt Dino’s even if you are stuck inside.


They could set it up as a tap to run/walk. Just like all these tapping games out these days. It would have to be alot of taps though


Yeah all those taps would definitely add up quickly :yum:. Still it would be a good way to move around.


Ehh… what a strange suggestion… u can play from home usually u will get some common monster that spawns… but what u want is just crazy lame… no thanks