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Playing less and less now


Since the last major update, I noticed that I’ve been playing this game less and less. Not sure if it’s due to the decrease in spawn. I remember looking forward to driving around town for 2 hours hunting Dino’s and finding a handful of epics. But since the update, I’ll drive for two hours and be lucky to find one epic. Anyone noticed they’re playing less now?


I mentioned this in a similar post but I think the spawns are much better… I dont live in a major city (port richey, fl) and I cant dart everything I see or Id do nothing but. I drove to clearwater, fl Sat (30 miles each way) and found 5 epic trexs, 2 epic spinos and a bunch of other epics… Too many rares to count, heck I found 3 rare spinos within visual distance of 1 another. There are days I dont see much and other days I see rares and epics everywhere


Battling hackers ruins it for me so yeah


Don’t see a lot of epics anymore, it’s usually 1 or 2 a week. I live in a populated area but not a big city, so yes I find myself playing less.


I’m playing less because most of the dinos I need now only spawn at night, and I don’t live in a safe enough area to explore for dinos during that time.

Also: “Daily coin limit reached” glitch in battles. Contacted them about a month ago, and it’s still happening. I’m not earning enough coins to be able to afford leveling my dinos, let alone the constant hybrid charges (which, while small, still become a nuisance after a lot of attempts).


I see the same 5 or 6 dino’s, been a couple weeks. Never see the “common Monolo or or Parasaur though? :grin:


Arena is horrible with a constant sea of spoofers that seemingly nothing is being done about. But the spawns etc are much better. I’ve hit my goal in the arena and am just collecting dna now.


Spawns have definitely been affected negatively unless you drive around and play. I usually go into collection mode on the way to and from work, or when running errands. I’ve seen 4 epic T-Rex in the past 2 days from playing while running errands or driving to/from work. One actually appeared on my house, but I rarely have seen an epic anywhere near my home or the park I play in, other than the weekly events.

I’ve given up walking in the park to play, because lack of green event supply drops, normal supply drops. It’s simply not worth it to walk around playing, when I can get 2x or more stuff, by just watching as I drive to or from work.