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Playing one account on two phones

I just got second phone, and since it has way bigger battery, I thought I would use it specifically for playing JWA. But, I’d like to have my account on my main phone as well, so I have some questions:

  • Is it legal to play in the same account on two devices?
  • Do I have to connect the same Google account to second phone?
  • What if I log in on both phones at the same time? Wouldn’t it mess up my game?

I don’t think its illegal, and you just have to log in with the same google account or facebook account, I think

it works on 2 accounts, just cant play on both phones at once.

It’s Legal. I’ve been doing it since beta.
I THINK you do? I think my account is facebook linked so I’m not sure.
If you log on both phones at the same time, the oldest login gets kicked with an error code that says “You have logged in on another device.” or something.

My wife likes to battle at work on company time so I knock out the strike events and spins then text her when I’m done. On occasion she logs in and kicks me.
Since I play in Savannah and she battles in Rincon I was worried about the vast distance in seconds, but other than the hassle of texting the wife and telling her to get off the account nothing bad has come of it. Ludia can tell it’s a different device obviously. Not exactly sure about the TOS though.

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I like to use my iPad at home because jwa has amazing graphics. But I if I get out walking I switch to my phone. Never had problems with that.