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Playing Possum - What are your thoughts?


I’ve been seeing this a lot more lately - players who “give up” very early on in a match after the initial matchup doesn’t go their way (their opening dino gets one-shot killed, as an example)… they seem to go afk, timer winding down to 0 and their dino doing only the basic move. Only… I’ve seen that several of these people are clearly still observing, and if they sense that I am disregarding strategy because they seem to be gone, they’ll suddenly wake back up and throw a massive hit on me and try to come back to win. Essentially they’re ‘playing dead’ to lull the other player into thinking they’re non-responsive, in hopes of having them let their guard down.

Anyone else seeing this more and more?


Yes. Happens to me sometimes. I wonder if their game froze or something though.

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I think it’s alright if it’s being used as a legitimate tactic, but sometimes I fight someone who waits for the timer to drop to 0 just because they can. Sometimes they know their dinosaur’s going down before it takes a shot, or the basic attack is the best tactical move anyway. I’ve also had opposing players get cocky a couple times and play AFK when they figure they can beat me anyway, and they’ve been right before. On those occasions, I think it’s disrespectful. I like to show respect to my opponents by beating the tar out of them relentlessly. :slight_smile:

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Or the game disconnected on me yet again and I finally got back in just in time to try to salvage a win.


Honestly, I do think it’s a plus that we don’t have a “battle chat” to shout at each other mid-combat. Then we don’t have to worry every day about people trying to guess what the reason is and hating on each other. :confused: Sure makes it easier when connection breaks & things happen

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I don’t know if that’s a legit tactic or just spotty wi-fi. I’ve had a few battles lately where I’ve accidentally done that because of a bad wi-fi connection. Try not to get too comfortable when you’re battling is my advice.

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I’ve been having issues with the servers and the game freezing lately. :confused:
Its lost me at least four matches this week.

@Lovesdisco <3<3

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That’s awful! Well, at least you know it’s not a tactic your opponent is using. They really need to fix this if it’s a problem up in Aviary.

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Honestly, I don’t see them fixing it any time soon. :confused:
They’ve been a let down too many times, what’s another one?


That‘s why I never let my guard down and always keep battling like if my opponent is still there.
When the timer is going down to 0 I keep battling with full attention.


I will sometimes have to reboot in the middle of a battle. I cannot choose an attack or the screen just freezes, even on WiFi at home. When I get back in I start battling again.


Hey Verticalabama, I actually had something similar happen to me! Although I was on the other side of things as I genuinely had to reboot my game mid-battle. When I returned to my match, I was able to deal the winning blow as the basic ability on my dino was able to wear down the health of my opponent’s dino quite a bit. Lucky me.

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sometimes (and by that i mean very often) the game glitches or just disconnects for no reason. so the only way to play is to force close and restart the game. obviously can’t make moves during this.

or yeah, RNG… if my opponent is not going to be required to actually play the game, then i’m going to force close and go about my day :sweat_smile: i don’t care to play “who gets the most crits” or “who has the best dodge rate” :man_shrugging:


I agree, but then you’re put in the position of having to predict based on what the “right” move would be if the player were there vs the standard move. If the standard is a slowing move or distracting move or something, but the “right” move is a big hit, it changes what you’d do.

I completely spaced on the fact that it might be a disconnection. But I see it happen a LOT after I take an initial dino out with a massive (lucky) hit.


I’ve done that XD… but only against levels way higher… And the goal was not to wait them let their guard down, but just make them wait the longest I can for being a lame arena dropper.