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Playing post arena 2.9 update just solidifies the need for a boost reset

The game plays completely different. Even if the Dinos you play with didn’t change how you play them did.
Hadro now needs some speed otherwise it is only getting off 1 attack.
Morty/Thor gonna get wrecked as a damage max. You gotta up that hp. Because of the vulnerable.
Tryko could really benefit from getting all the boosts removed and sitting on the bench.
Many others changing how they are to be used.

All the time or money we’ve spent getting boosts for a particular set of rules is at least half wasted by no fault of our own. Unless the fault is trust Ludia to actually care about the players.

Do the right thing before it is too late. Already lost 3 players from our top 40 alliance this week. And have been hearing more from other alliances as well.


I think Ludia wants to get some $$ from boost sales first, and then probably will consider a boost reset months later. The short term gain won’t justify the long-term customer loss though.