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Playing same account on both Android and iOS

Hello all.
Currently I’m playing using Google account. My phone (it is Android) fulfils too many functions now and I thiking of buying anoter one phone and use both. I want to play JWA on both phones (not simultaneously of course).

Questions arise because I’m thinking about iPhone (that will be my first Apple device):

  1. Is it possible to play same account on both Android and iOS?

  2. Is it possible to play same account on both Android and iOS using Google Account (without bringing in additional accounts: Apple ID, Facebook, etc)?

Thanks for help!

I think it‘s only possible with Facebook.

I was able to do it with the facebook login and tethering my iPhone 5S from the junk drawer to my Galaxy S7 when android was down so I can personally verify #1 for sure.
Number 2 I’m highly doubtful, but have no source.

Yes to 1, I use Samsung phone and ipad. Not sure on 2, I use it through Facebook, (I think).

Hey spacistor, if you’re switching over to an iOS device from an Android phone, you’ll need to have your game account linked to Facebook for you to play the same account on your new iOS device. I hope this helps. Let me know if you still have any other questions!

Hello @spacistor does it work for you? Cause I’m switching to iPhone this weekend but still want to use my Android tablet at home. My account is linked to Facebook. Thanks for letting me know if it worked for you. Not sure how VIP will be Handel led, would leave it on my Google Play account as it is now. @Ned

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