Playing Teams from A-Z

I am playing teams going from A to Z with all the creatures I have levels 17 to 21. I have 92 of them and I’m up to the M’s. What I do is replace any creatures that gets used in battle so if I use 2 creatures or 3 creatures or 4 creatures, each of the used in battle creatures are replaced alphabetically.

When I lose two in a row and play the A.I. I don’t swap out creatures till I beat the A.I. I only swap out after playing real people…R.I. (real intelligence).

This has been going a couple weeks now and I only battle when I need the daily battle incubators. This makes things more interesting playing creatures I would never normally pick to put on a team. Trophy level and winning isn’t the point but just having fun throwing all these never used creatures out. I’m only down 200 trophy’s in the 3700 range and pretty much holding.