Playing the game in vertical

I actually like this bug, I’ve always been a fan of scenery and with this I was able to see quite a few things better in vertical mode.


Wow…. Maybe I’ll play in horizontal, I’ve always wondered what’s in the pvp arenas and what’s in the aquatic park and what’s in the cenozoic… literally everything ive wondered about the scenery

Edit: oh yeah it is vertical… oopsie


I’m pretty sure this is actually vertical and normal play is horizontal.

Up is vertical.

To the side is horizontal.

But I agree I love the view of this mode much more.


Thanks for the correction. I always get the terms confused :sweat_smile:


It good for photo mode and take a screenshoot your favorite creature


Two months ago i uploaded a video playing a batte in vertical A JWTG battle but is in vertical - YouTube
The procediment is put the cellphone in vertical while you are viewing an AD


Welcome to Jurassic World Alive! :rofl:

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I tried to do it again repeating the same process I did before and I think this works:
1- Block your phone’s auto rotate
2- Open the game and let it load at least until you can see your park
3- Enter an app that is used in vertical (I used Facebook) but keep the phone horizontal
4- Quickly exit the app and enter the game
And then the game should appear like that.
I’ll try it again just in case, cause if I can actually play it like this always, I surely will.

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