Playing with Variety

In a transition from playing 11-13 creatures to work up to level 20’s, this is my team of mid level 14-16 creatures I’m choosing from to make teams. I have 38 to choose from to keep things fresh and interesting.

Winning doesn’t matter as I’m staying in the lower arenas and keeping these non boosted. I can always beat the bots for incubators if all fails. My battles are still good and generally close except when I hit that brick wall of boosted teams.

I’m walking that boosted/non boosted opponent line right now.

I want to have at least 24 creatures at level 18-20 before jumping up. That is 3 teams worth. I have 19 right now. I’m working on more legendary’s and want to bring some epics and rares up. The prime amount of interchangeable creatures is 32 from back playing the level 10 and 11 creatures. With what I have now works really well for some sort of balance or even heavy on certain types.

This is just a better way than working into only 8 specific creatures you can’t interchange out because you don’t have any equal to your top 8. That is the problem with my primary account. I’m sick of being stuck playing the same team against others same teams. It’s blah monotony.