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Pleas tell me your opinion ab boost


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If it becomes a daily thing of $10 a pop to keep up it will get old quick.
I don’t like it, but as long as I can maintain aviary I’ll be okay.


I’m not a fan, because I’m waiting to boost my dinos as I’m no where near an ‘endgame’ team and these are a finite resource, so… And I’m getting matched up against people who are using them with impudinty.

Trying to worry out how to use them smartly on my current team without wasting a precious resource.

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Your absolutly wright. Hp and attack boost is ok. You can make shure youre erlidominus wont get oneshot for example. That kind of boost wont affect the game to mutch. A t-rex with al little harder bite force or a erlidominus with little bit more Health. Butt when a thor Gets a major speed buff… or a t-rex!! :sweat_smile::worried:. That game changing!! And whats the purpose of the game now?? At first was the goal to level up. Why? Main reason So you had a speed advantage. Butt now why should you spend a lot of money for epic insense ?? Level up means almost noting now with all that boosting

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I agree with you on the strike tower. No more skills or planning really required, just boost thor and you’re good to go …