Please add a confirmation prompt to prevent accidental evolutions

I just unintentionally evolved a dino needed for DNA fusions beyond the required level, wasting valuable coins and DNA donated by alliance members.

Please add a confirmation prompt similar to the one used to prevent unintentional purchases in the shop.

P.S. You cannot accidentally evolve a pokemon, I therefore don’t expect this to happen here and am taken by surprise :slightly_frowning_face:


I think it would also be helpful if they make the evolve button smaller

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Came here to ask for the same thing. It’s too easy to accidentally hit the button while scrolling down (like I did with pyroraptor a while back, now level 16) or space out and hit it (like I did with ouranosaurus today, also level 16, wasting six dilorano fuses). I definitely don’t want a confirmation box on every fuse, but there should be one on going up a level. That can be a big chunk of coins.

This has been screamed about for months, but Ludia doesn’t care as it benefits them. It’s the only thing I can think of, as there is a confirmation if you are buying something with hard cash, so it has to be possible, and you would think about 4 or 5 months would be enough time to add one.


You do realize what Ludia will do, right?

Evolve will require no further action than pushing a button.

Each fusion (Create button) will require two confirmations after you request to fuse, adding several hours to each level up of a hybrid creature.

I asked for this same feature months ago. No reason that button has to be so gigantic.

I contacted support because I accidentally clicked that Massive billboard of an evolve button while trying to scroll down. It cost 50,000 coins and over 1k Rex DNA.

Support said sorry, and that was that. I realized shortly after, that it is designed like this on purpose, to be some sort of money sink to help deplete coins. Why else would that button be as big as a football field?

Im starting to wonder if the dino eating strike towers are designed to be a sink as well. The game devs seem to have avoided both issues really good so far. :stuck_out_tongue:


Totally agree!
But we know that Ludia doesn’t care

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Could be as big as fuse button. That you have space to scroll down on both sides.

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Dear people of LUDIA… Please give a confirmation of intent to level up a Dino. All to often it get mistakenly pushed and we are out the coin and DNA.

If all y’all could see fit to put this in it would be awesome.



Faethor ferenczy