Please add a cooldown to camouflage to Megalonyx

When there are Megalonyx vs. Megalonyx, unless you have Draco that you can swap into, the best move is to keep using camouflage. Whoever changes to another move first will usually lose due to the distraction and counter. So when there is Megalonyx vs. Megalonyx, it’s very possible that both players will keep using camouflage and cause a stalemate. It’s especially tedious that camouflage is not the default move, so you have to keep clicking until the number of moves reaches the limit and the game stops. This will take over 10 minutes of clicking, extremely boring.

Now we’ll see Megalonyx frequently in T1 and T2, and I dread the mirror encounters, so please add a cooldown to camouflage.

I don’t think it needs a camouflage cooldown I think it just needs a resistance or immunity to distraction


but thats just sloth vs sloth

Not necessarily anything else

Also how would eremo work then

If camouflage had a cooldown of 1 eremo would be rendered useless

If your having a sloth vs sloth moment just swap out


Eremo (common) has a similar issue, but at least it’s a default move, so you can just walk away and let it run by itself. Also, if you swap out, it doesn’t cause your opponent’s Eremo to gain a critical hit chance like Megalonyx. However, I did hear players complain about using camouflage forever during mirror encounters during the common tournaments last season.

Eremo (Legendary) doesn’t have a counter move, and you can always use “shielded strike” to get an edge.

Megalotops can use “Determined Strike” to cleanse and do a precise attack, so no benefit of keeping using camouflage.

Anyway, I suggest either adding a cooldown to Camouflage to Magelonyx and Eremo (common,) or making another move better than this doing-nothing move that will stall the game progress.

Again thats only sloth vs sloth

megalonyx cautious rampage is precise your point?

You just can’t ask to change a whole ability just because of a situation that rarely happens during tournaments, it’s unfair.


It doesn’t cleanse. With your opponents’ two camouflage moves, cautious rampage causes no damage but will get some damage due to the counter.

Exactly, Also the crit isn’t all that good if you swap to the right thing. It’s like I say, you don’t have to use the best creatures, sometimes you need to focus on the counters for the best creatures

What about the fact that cautious rampage also does distraction. HMMMMM

And also gives dodge, reducing more the counter’s damage.

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I have an idea… Use dinos with resilient strike!

Exactly fr. it’s not the end of the world to swap

Yeah the only camoflauge in the game im aware of that has a cooldown is critical ambush.
That one is definitely op

but regular camoflauge? Cmon man. You must have carbonemys or diplodocos or some resilient on your team.