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Please add a description for sanctuaries

Dear Ludia,

Could you please add a description in sanctuaries.

This description could be changed by players and could indicate the rules of the sanctuary. This would be very useful for shared sanctuaries.

Thank you



What sort of description?

But bare in mind that your “rules” don’t apply to anyone outside of your shared group. Sanctuaries are public resources for all players.

just a text description that players can modify. It could be used to describe the creatures expected in the sanctuary.

Of course. But this could help players to know what is expected in the sanctuary.

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I would love if they would actually gave you the chance to actually friend or invite the player or something. Like, there have been times I actually wanted to go to an already used sanctaury and friend the player, but I can’t because all i can get is the players name, that’s it, nothin else

I agree with this! I got so excited to see another player in a sanctuary near me, I thought it would be great to have another player local. But there’s no way of friending them, finding out if they’re in an alliance already etc. You just see the name

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I’ve had similar experiences too, there was a player just outside my range that I wanted to friend but just can’t

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