Please add a GPS update/refresh button


Really getting tired of having to stop, kill and reload this very looooong loading game.

Would you please add a button to force a recheck your location and update your position.

Thank you.


A workaround is turn your screen off, wait 5 seconds then back on. It’ll force update the map/gps


if you have a “recent apps” button on your phone, just hit that and then select the game and it will refresh the GPS


What I found was best was to go to the collection index, pick something to get info of, from THAT page go directly back to map/radar. Hasn’t let me down yet.


This works for me too, but recognize with the large number of devices that mileage may vary. Always works on my iPhone, so-so on tablet. But that tablet is an ancient iPad that my son uses… according to the app store info the device is older than those listed as minimum.