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Please add a graphics/quality option

I’ve said something about this on discord, but I’m making a full fledged post of what it’d do.

Very High: The default setting, what we have now.

High: Reduces model quality a bit. “Medium Model Quality”

Medium: Battle/Raid backgrounds off. Models quality reduced.

Low: Same as medium, but with map details included in the and the map/models are now in the “low” quality.

Very Low: Battle backgrounds off, models are at the worst quality, map’s details highly reduced.

Custom settings: let’s you enable or disable any of these.

Why is this needed? To help with lag. Some devices run the game fine, like a lot of the IOS ones, but for a couple the game is nigh unplayable, sometimes a battle won’t even load your deck and force you to lead something you don’t want to. Of course, it doesn’t have to work exactly like this, but it should be something similar.


I would certainly appreciate the addition of a graphics adjuster. My phone tends to overheat, particularly when I run a scent for a while or do several battles in a row, so being able to lower the game quality would be useful to help prevent this.


I would be all for this. This game is the only one which frequently causes my phone to overheat. All other apps, including some released after JWA, do not have this problem.

I don’t like this idea… I would have to use the stove instead of my phone to cook my eggs… Seriously, would love this option for sure! +1 from me

This is such a great idea! I’d finally be able to see my creatures’ stats wothout waiting for a decade and I’d also have a chance of winning speedties, that’d be the best update ever