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Please add a Snorlax. I know it’s not a dinosaur but come on

Come on who out there would not want to see a Snorlax battle a T Rex


Maybe the equivalent of Snorlax, the megatherium


Snorlax VS Trykosaurus…

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Niantic :upside_down_face:


Snorlax ? Why not a god dino like Arceus in pokemon lmao

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Cause Snorlax would be the only out of shape dinosaur and he is just jolly looking

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Gigantimax-Snorlax!!! :star_struck:

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No. Think bigger. Eternamax Eternatus

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Or even, gasp! Leon’s undefeated Gigantamax Charizard. A Charizard that belongs to Leon, who is undefeated. Did I tell you that Charizard’s trainer is Leon who is undefeated and also pants with directions? Ah yes, he is truly undefeated and pants with directions. Also he is undefeated


:joy: Lol, true that! It’s a wonder he ever made it anywhere, Charizard must lead the way. He didn’t kno the way around his TINY home village!

They could add an Anomalocaris with Anorith colours.
Wouldn’t be the first time Ludia borrowed a colour scheme coughArambourgianiacough, coughGorgosauruscough.

Or Tyrantrum. You know, the Salamence-Onix-type T-rex.
Google can really be pants with Pokemon types sometimes.

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Where did they borrow those from?

Ooh yes!! I’ve said that before.

Look up Julio Lacerda Arambourgiania. He’s a really good Palaeoartist, and I’d been following his work for a while, so I recognised it instantly when it was added to the game.
Also, Walking with Dinosaurs Gorgon.

They could make a hybrid out of Trex and Snorlax and name it Roarlax!


Somebody definitely should! I like the name, but I’m not picturing it. Tubby T-rex!

New move cautious sleep or swap in sleeping rampage

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How about tyrantrum?

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*Snorlax sorry’