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Please add a trading harbour

I think Ludia should add a trade harbour in JurassicWorldAlive, I think it would be a fantastic idea, it will have the same concept as the one in jwtg, you can trade coins for bucks, darts, dna, and vice versa. Though I wouldn’t consider trading incubators since it may be too complicated to think of a reasonable price if your going to trade for coins, and trading for darts are just not worth it. For DNA you can trade creature DNA from common to epic (no legendaries or uniques). So here’s a reasonable price for trading common for rare, rare for epic etc.
If your gonna trade common for rare, then your going to have the exact amount of DNA your trading but loosing 25% of max DNA.
So for example, if your trading 500 velociraptor (common), for postosuchus (rare), you will get 375 postosuchus.
If your gonna trade common for epic, it will have the same concept as trading common for rare but instead of loosing 25% of max DNA, you will be loosing 50%.
For example, if you trade 500 gallimimus (common), for alanqa (epic), you will receive 250 alanqa
If your trading rare for common, you will be getting the amount of rare DNA you’re trading, but gain a extra 25%.
So for example, if your trading 100 dimetrodon, for suchomimus (common), then you will be getting 125 suchomimus for 100 dimetrodon.
If your trading rare for epic, it will have the same concept as trading common for epic but instead of loosing 50% your only loosing 25% of max DNA.
Ex: 200 tupandactylus (rare), for 150 erlikosaurus (epic).
If your trading epic for common you will be gaining 50% of max epic dna your trading.
100 ouranosaurus (epic), can be made into 150 allosaurus (common).
If your trading epic for rare you will be gaining 25% of max epic dna your trading
Example: 100 gryposuchus (epic) can be made into 125 utahraptor (rare).
Please bear in mind you can also trade hybrid DNA but the percentage will NOT be affected, so if you’re trading 100 Ankylocodon (rare) dna you will still recieve 125 brontotherium (common) dna.
What happens if your trading something for something else of the same rarity? You will still get the exact amount of DNA, 100 allosaurus for 100 dimorphodon, 50 erlikosaurus for 50 ouranosaurus etc.
What are your thoughts? Do you think adding a trade harbour would be good?


Would go great along with aquatic creatures


Sounds good to me, it is getting increasingly harder for me to find the right dinos I need to dart so this would help a lot.

Every other day someone asks for ways to get more for free. The point is the hunt, the grind and yes even the wait. No, no more ways to get exactly what you need, no more


The concept works but knock the DNA requirements back majorly.

For end game players with 10s of 1000s of common DNA this would be jackpot. Maybe 10% of the totals?

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Doesn’t have to be free, implement some kind of fee.

There will be no aquatic creatures

The trade ratio on common to rare or epic needs to be the less than ratio we get in sanctuaries. If I am getting 30 on commons, 12 on rares, and 5 on epics in sanctuaries, that ratio would need to be applied to trading also in a lesser sense. 100-75-50 is way to high. 100-40-15 is closer to being realistic, but that still does not account for the rate you would find more rare DNA. I think 100-20-7 is probably more appropriate.

But, there are still other considerations like no hybrid epics can be obtained this way and should any common be able to trade for any non-hybrid epic? That seems off to me…I have 186000 diplocaulus…even at a 7 to 100, I can trade 100,000 useless diplos for 7000 Trex? That is a lot of Trex. This starts to look like only specific dinos should be able to be traded for other specific dinos…which starts to look like an extension of the hybrid system.

The more I think about it, under the current system, the more this would not work. I do like the idea, but it would take some major game altering changes to implement this fairly.

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I guess it would be limited like sanctuary tools so, like you say, you could instantly get 7000 rex

It’s “you’re” as in “you are”, not “your”. And “loosing” is almost as bad. Both don’t make sense.

I like the idea
But am also concerned of getting what you need tooo easy.
What about trading dna for 3/8/12/24 h incubators?
That way you coould make use of not needed dna and it still would not make it that easy

The idea is interesting but feel it once again diminishes the idea of actually hunting. If it were to happen the numbers you suggest would have to be incredibly reconstructed. Trading 100,000 Gallimimus and getting back 50,000 TRex literally makes no sense.

Just like cashing out on boosts, you lose 50%, trading would have a 50% penalty because you have the ability to get exactly what you want.

The value of rarities is this:
Rare DNA is worth 25% of Epic.
Common DNA is worth 25% of Rare
Common DNA is worth 6.25% of Epic
Trading itself has a 50% penalty in what you get.

Trade 1000 rare DNA for Epic, you will only get 125 Epic DNA after the penalty
Trade 4000 Common DNA for Epic, you will only get 125 Epic DNA
Trade 1000 common DNA for Rare and you will get 125 Rare DNA

I have a stockpile of 160,000 common Majungasaurus DNA, I can get 5000 Epic DNA.

I would like the trading but they have to be careful they don’t give away the bank and make it costly enough to at least make players cringe a bit about how much they have to give up to get what they want.

Great idea :heart: I am so over stocked on DNA that is not being utilized!