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Please add Ads left to watch counter and reset timer

In the most recent update, it feels that JWTG has a built in limit on the number of ads you can watch, after which any ad based “features” disappear.

I know that ads are a large part of revenue to support this game. And we want to support this game the best we can.

At the end of the day, I’d like to just watch up all of my ads left (on DNA or what ever I have available).

But, we don’t know how many ads we can watch or when they reset.

Could you add an ad a counter in the game that tells us how many ads we have left to watch and when the “reset” is?

We want to support this game. Please help us help you.


I really don’t get the point of having a cooldown between ads. Each time I watch one, I’ll have to wait a minute before I can watch another one.


That isn’t a cool down. We think it is checking if another ad is available so you don’t get the “no ad content available” error message.

We used to be able to watch several ads in a row.

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We don’t really know why the ad change happened, but a few months ago, we got a major ad shortage at the flip of a switch.

I used to watch ads for hours (while actually watching tv) to get DNA. Free DNA, right? (I was also a much lower park level, it helped more than than it would now.)

Maybe too many players started doing that with COVID-19, and tapjoy thought they were cheating or something?

It doesn’t really matter why we got to where we are.

I just want to use my full ad quota up to support the game.

I’m not sure it’s a major part of their revenue ( you might be surprised at just how little companies get for a single ad watch… but suffice to say you could probably watch ads for a year to make up for what a single pack buy from one of the whales gets them). But it does seem odd that they have cut back so much on the ad watches.

I know a dev that has over 50,000 ad watches on his site but gets about $40 a day…

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Yeah that sounds about right. It’s like a fraction of a penny for a view, a bit more if someone actually clicks through.

Yeah, but the way Ludia implements their ads, you can’t really click through. If you ever click on an ad (as I have accidentally a few times), you leave the game. When you come back, the game has to restart and you don’t get credit for having watched the ads.

Overall, Ludia seems to have implemented their ad setup poorly. They limit the number of total ads that can be watched, and they disincentivize clicking on the ad, which would make them slightly more money…

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