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Please add an icon for favourite gear

It would be great to be able to mark gear that you are collecting with some sort of icon Eg could be a small shield :shield: that y U could add in the corner

I’m always searching through gear descriptions to see if I want to give it away in guild, to see if I want to sell it to Durnan, to see if I want to level it etc, etc.

It would be a major QOL improvement if you could simply Mark all the gear that you want to collect and you could get rid of the rest without thought whenever the opportunity came up.

Following on from this, what would be really awesome is if you could set a certain load up for particular purposes Eg a set of certain characters with particular gear for dragon, a different set for demon, a different set for mind-flayers :squid: etc

For arena You’d just set the gear you want on each character

Then when swapping between each challenge and PvP you could just choose the “Dragon” load up or the PvP load up or whatever the case may be and away you go


Thanks for the suggestion, Turbotarry. :slight_smile: