Please add Compys


Yes I am sure you are thinking they would never work, they are too small and weak to be effective.

You are right, but there is an easy solution.

You make Compys a SWARM dino. When you evolve them it is a SWARM of four or five Compys whose stats as a whole are competitive. I would make them fast high health since in theory and enemy attack could only kill one or two at a time, and as a unique ability make them immune to being crited.



Adorable to imagine, but even a swarm of dozens of compys would find it impossible to do any noticeable damage to the thick hide of many of the dinosaurs we’re currently using in a realistic sense. They’d have to have a growth hormone or something to make each the size of dogs at that rate (which, since the Velociraptors are far oversized, doesn’t stretch the imagination too much).


Can a lion kill an adult elephant? Nope, not a chance in the world and a lion has a better chance than a raptor killing a TRex, Trike, Steg, it any of the large herbivore dinosaurs like an Apatosaurus. It’s a game and there is little reality in how likely one dino is to killing another. It takes no more imagjnation to make Compys a fun part of the game.