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Please add Indoraptor Gen 3

As everybody knows in the forums this game has by far to less carnivores. There are so many tournament hybrids of herbivores, pterosaurs and amphibians, but next to no carnivores. The only option for a good carnivore are the two Indoraptors.

So I suggest to make a Indoraptor Gen 3, which also consumes Velociraptor DNA and had even better stats than the Indoraptor Gen 2. Please Ludia, make more Carnivores in this game. There is just no way to defeat all this high health herbivores you added recently.

Let me know what you all think about this. Do you understand my point, Ludia?

Sorry for waisting your time, but I needed to write this.:joy:


Well @Leo_Walter, this game is already teeming with loads of carnivores .I think more pteosaurs should be added.


No. We don’t need a Indoraptor Gen 3. We need a superpowered hyperhybrid Ultimate Indoraptor created from Indoraptor Gen 1 and 2. This will finally make it able to fight those overpowered herbivores we have.


We desperately need it. Please give him 2mio health and 8mio attack.


Yeah I agreed. Hopefully, we get to see Cryodrakon and Afrotapejara

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This would be awesome. But I would also be ok with just 10k attack to onehit this stupid 15k health herbivore.


Which 15k new herbivore xD?

@Leo_Walter why Indoraptor gen 3? We need a Yudon with the pre-nerf stats but multiplied by 3000 so that it can overpower the strongest creature of the game, i.e Segnosuchus which has 600007 attack and 65890083 health… Without this, the strongest carnivore remains to be Majungasaurus with 1 attack and 6 health! xD


It needs at least 20000 attack to one hit that weak Pachygalosaurus…smh that thing takes forever to kill as just a LEGENDARY HYBRID.

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For those that cant quite understand what @Leo_Walter is talking about it would be best to do some research at this link:


Yeah 18000 health is a lot but isnt this game already has enough carnivores?

One person’s sarcastic post is another gaming company’s “great new idea”


Looks like you did not get it,it is Sarcasm.

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Despite Sionsith linking it? Sarcasm is my 2nd language.

Ludia needs you.

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I recently learned that @Leo_Walter, like me, is from Germany.
Believe me, nobody understands German humour.


Okay. It would be nice,if you could educate us on the same.

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Ya at first I did not get it lol.

Most people think we do not have any kind of humour at all. So there is not much to educate. :wink:


But to be honest, I like the fact that Indo Gen 2 also consumes raptor SDNA. Since the Indoraptors are quite overpowered at level 10 it is good to be abled to make 12 additional Indos with the same SDNA. In my opinion it is a good meat shield to be added to the bench. So well done, Ludia! But don’t forget to add more dinos of other classes.