Please add mechanics to determine who go first when level or speed are the same

During the match, when dinosaur at the same level or speed, can you add the mechanic to determine who go first. I don’t like that who go first base one luck.
Mechanic like rock scissors paper would be great, or who his the screen the most in 2 second win, or who act first win…
Anything but luck please

Thank you

I think there’s already a mechanic involved, just not properly explained anywhere. I’m too lazy too look it up, but it involves rarity of the Dinos in some cases, and if it’s between the same Dino on the same level, the player that picks a move first goes first.

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I thought it was who pressed the button first.

Id prefer it was who pressed the button first.

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Highest speed goes first
If speeds are equals then higher level goes first
If levels are equals then higher rarity goes first
If they have same rarity, then the first to input an attack goes first but I agree it’s a little disappointing mechanic because of lags and phones being not the same. I’d rather a random choice in this case (or alternate priority with the first to attack the fastest to select its first dino then for the second turn the other player and so on)


It’s whoever hits the button first.

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I think it should be RNG, which already determines so much in this game.

List of priority:

1* (Act First if applicable)
2* Speed
3* Level

  • Rarity (two dinos at same level with same speed but different rarities results in the rarer dino going first) ACTUALLY THIS IS NOT CORRECT, RARITIES DON’T MATTER TO DETERMINE WHO GOES FIRST

4* Whoever Input Move First

So sad there isn’t a Ludia post on this, so we all are confused on this …


Also with this the newest dino entering the areana goes first, since your can choose your attack while the opponent is still stuck watching your animation if your fast enough.


This information is buried in the original release notes. I agree that important information about game mechanics should be available in an in game Help FAQ.

There is, It’s called pressing the button first.

Rarer dinos don’t go first, unless they hit the button first.

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I took my time before replying, cause I wanted to be sure so I tested this now on a friendly battle with my husband. Utharaptor vs Stygimoloch gen 2, both 128. I pressed Stygi attack before my husband pressed his Utha attack, and my common Stygi was faster than rare Utha. So yes you are right. :+1:

Final list of priority:

  • (Act First if applicable)
  • Speed
  • Level
  • Whoever Input Move First
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