Please add Mortem to regular weekend raids because many of us need the DNA

There are many of us who do not have enough dna for level 30 mortems, and many who have yet to unlock. I personally still need the dna, as do many, many others. Hopefully if or when Ludia decides to release more apex raids, they will take this into consideration. Some of us couldn’t raid or apexes until almost a year after they were released. Some people who started raiding Mortem got locked out of raids because they were not level 18. It takes over a year of not missing a single week to aquire enough dna for a level 30, so if Mortem is only a special even raid from now on, it will be very, very hard for people to unlock, level up, or complete. Thanks for listening <3

UPDATE - Ludia is replacing Mortem witht he new apex raid. We do not know when Ludia will give us Mortem again. They said it won’t be the last time seeing Mortem in a raid, which is good, but I’m hoping it won’t be just a special event raid like smilo and Wooly have been in the past. Mortem’s DNA is exclusive to raids, so I hope that we can have a great solution that works for everyone to continue collecting their Morty DNA at the same rate we were able to before


I certainly agree with you, replacing an Apex raid is a bad idea, as that sould make it unfair for players trying to do that raid, or working to be able to do that raid.


There have been datamines confirming a raid for what seems to be a new Apex dino. I can’t say much more, but this info really concerns me. Not sure how they’re going to tackle another Apex raid.


Yes, I am aware of that, thus the post. I just didn’t want to get banned for saying anything I shouldn’t, so I am trying to respect Ludia’s rules for this forum. I would be extremely disappointed if people like me who have poured hours into this game, helping people raid, manage raiding channels, helping with new strats, etc, just to be shy of a level 30 would be very, very disappointing. Fusing would be one option, but then that means a lot more coin, cash, and DNA collecting, and we are already spread thin as it is with all the new creatures to fuse and level up.


I really would hate for any apex to be removed. Ludia mifht implement apex raid rotations so every wee we would get a different boss


That could work, but then it would also make the grind that much harder, especially for people just starting to raid. At this point, we do not know what Ludia will do, but I just want to be proactive just in case they were thinking about removing Mortem or any other apex raid just because they felt maybe people have lost interest or already have it. There are a lot of people who have not completed their apexes, yet, and I am hoping Ludia will shift raids around so that we could double up on apex raids on weekends - which would make the most sense. Most people wouldn’t mind doing 2 apex raids on, let’s say, a Friday.


If more raid apex’s come to be, what if they had one boss that was available throughout the entire week so people could choose which day they want to do it on

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I agree with 2 friday apex raids. I’d also be a fan of changing up the lineup - hadros and cera weekends, gorg friday. Mortem Monday. Newer apex Tues-Thur, maybe leave ref on Friday and have the new guy/gal in prime time.


If they remove them there’re going to way to fuse them or else it’s unfair

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fusing would be unfair, too, as it takes a lot of coin and dna to do so - usually dna you need for other creatures as well. You also have to level up the creatures and their hybrids just to be able to start fusing an apex. Not a good trade-off imo. But, again, this is all speculation. My point to this post was to make sure that IF Ludia was even thinking about removing an apex raid from availability, they need to reconsider it for their playerbase, because I know there will be an uproar if that happens. For all our sakes, keeping Mortem and other older apexes as a raid for the playerbase is the best option for everyone. If Ludia made raid tabs vs have everything on the map all the time, that would also allow more raids in a day because they won’t be hogging room on the map.

I still don’t understand why the Boss Raids just can’t be moved to a separate tab besides the PvP and Campaign battles, at least for older Boss Raids.


I don’t either… it would be nice to have tabs for ALL the raids and tke the bosses off the map altogether. The map is so buggy wherever the bosses are. If next to a strike tower, you cannot access the toewer. If next to an event dino, you cannot access the dino.

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It would be cool to have raid tabs so that even retired raids could exist in the game again. People could pick and choose which raids they want to do and not have to ask around for a lobby to be passed, which is time consuming, buggy, and sometimes impossible to do.

i like that idea alot :stuck_out_tongue: more reason to steer clear of pvp

If they remove him there will be an uproar guaranteed lol

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We should know any day now if Mortem will still exist as a raid - I really, REALLY hope it will. Not only is it the most enjoyable raid to do, but I need to top it off. I’m 170 short of a level 30.

noooooo :frowning: lol

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Meh, i’ve already maxed mortem so i’m not so bothered. But likely others are a little bit.

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Well, sadly I have not - and many others have not either. I think we all need to remember how we felt when we first unlocked Mortem or for those of you who leveled to 30, and recognize that others would enjoy to have that experience as well <3


I havent even unlocked it


You are one of the biggest reasons why I think the playerbase needs to push hard for Ludia to keep this raid, but move it to weekends. I know countless others like you who have not been able to unlock because of many factors, and many have just started their journey to unlocking. Then, there are people like me who have theirs only 170 away from being maxed. As someone who is a very active Discord raider, and someone who helps moderate raids servers, this pain will be felt deeply by many, and I feel badly about that.