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Please add multifuse

I know everyone loves using suchotator because it’s a BEAST and it’s so good, but it’s painful to hit that fuse button SO MANY times, like, uck, it takes forever, so why not add the ability to multifuse? Multifuse is like where you can select how many times you want to fuse if you have enough dna, so for example, let’s say you can make 6 fuses on tryko, you can set the ability to fuse 6 times on tryko, this mechanic can be very useful in this game, especially for the people who plan to use grypolyth, yes, fusing for purrolyth is VERY painful and long, it takes a long time to get to 500 if you get terrible fuses, so, why not we add multifuse.


I like that idea, it feels like my finger will fall off when I fuse for Suchotator, so I’m down for this feature.

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