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Please add rare Dracorex to upcoming events

Ludia, could you please add rare Dracorex to any upcoming events? We haven’t seen that dino for almost a year now. Why is it so hard to find in the wild? I used so many rare and epic scents in area 2 and I got maybe 1 or 2 in last few months.


Come to L2, they’re all over the place :slight_smile:
But yeah, I don’t remember the last time they were in an event. I sure wouldn’t mind!
And for epics, Kentro would be nice.
Theme? Spiky dinos!


I used most of my scents in L2 and I got like 2 dracorex in total… Maybe I just don’t have any luck with it. :slight_smile:

True, even with a rare scent here I sometimes get 0, but when you work in L2, you see them quite a bit. I can dart maybe 0-3 per day.

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They should have been in last week’s theme but no… Ludia had to Ludia and put Dracorex G2, a creature that no longer has Impact and Run, into the list, but not add Dracorex rare to it.


This would be really nice. I have Utasino with plenty of extra DNA to fuse but Draco Is just sitting at 16 because I can’t find any.


I’m sure there will be a Dracorex event with 24 attempts soon, in like a week or so, just after my Utarinex is maxed :roll_eyes: mine is now at 734/750.

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Or, just be happy it’s maxxed :slight_smile:
At your level I suppose there are very little rares you still need anyway.

I work in a local 2. I see up to 3 a day, but can usually only dart 1 every 2 days. I’m stuck in a building and can’t really go out for dino hunting.

Stuck in a building, sounds like a prison.
I can take short breaks, no one cares if I’m gone for a bit :slight_smile:

I work in a newspaper, and we/re starting to hit the buys season. Can’t really take many breaks other than lunch. we’re at the top of a hill and not much spawns near there anyway. It’ll take 5+ minutes to get down to where things spawn more regularly. It sucks, but i can hit up a couple of things on my lunch break. There’s a bank nearby that typically spawns tenenotos.

My Utarinex is maxed out already. I hope they put another valuable dino into the event.

Cool! Didn’t know newspapers still existed, hehe :stuck_out_tongue:
I work in a 2 story building in the middle of a rich residential area with villas all over the place. Lots of nice curvy roads wit tons of spawns. Can reach 4-5 supply drops from inside the building and 1 sanctuary.
As a software developer you never have continuous deadlines, just the big ones every few days or weeks. Can come and go whenever I want! (But that’s really the only perk, the job sucks)

I know it’s all personal opinions, but not everyone has Utarinex yet, not to mention maxed out.


We need a fisher theropod event, bary g2, irri g2, spino g2, suchotator, spinotahraptor, and maybe an attempt on spinonyx


And yes, by another valuable dino, I mean an extra option alongside Dracorex. Sorry for my bad English.


I spent several weeks putting Dracorex in the sanctuary’s and did get Utarinex on both accounts. I would occasionally find one when I went up to L2 and once in a while on the way home from work see one and grab it to dart at a stop light or when I get home. It took a while to make Utarinex.

Oh sorry, I read it differently! I’m so sorry I really didn’t even think about it like that. I read it like “replace Draco with something else".

Btw I didn’t see anything wrong with your English, it was just me misunderstanding what you said. Cheers!

I’ll definitely take more dracorex g1. The only draco I like. My rinex is lvl 26 so more dna will never hurt. So dumb that they had rat jr but not dracorex the fair one. The one that does have a run move. Rat jr is trash.