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Please add the Titanoboa!

Okay, sure, the Titanoboa isn’t necessarily a dino, BUT this lovely reptile was a BEAST when it was roaming free 60 million years ago!

This 40-foot long monstrosity would be an awesome addition to the game, considering he is a prehistoric reptile with just as big of an appetite as a Tyrannosaurus rex.

This magnificent creature could have these stats –
Rarity: Epic
Tier: Alpha

Health: 3000
Damage: 2600
Speed: 102
Defence: 0%
Critical Chance: 20%
Immunity, Swap-In Definite Strike

Definite Crushing Strike - Increase critical chance by 40% for 2 turns. Nullify target. Deal 1x damage, bypassing armor. Cooldown 1
Constrict - Target is swap prevented for 3 turns. Stun 100%. Cooldown 3
Ambush - Priority. Gain 50% chance to dodge 66% of direct damage for 2 turns. Deal 1.5x damage. Cooldown 2, Delay 1
Defense Shattering Rampage - Destroy shields, bypass armor, and deal 2x damage. Cooldown 1

It may seem like the TItanoboa has too much damage, but a 40-foot long reptile must have a devastating bite and powerful constriction. However, I made sure that the health and armor stats were realistic as well. I also had the idea that the constrict move drain 25% of opponent’s health each turn, since a constriction literally squeezes the life out of an animal. I’m not 100% on this, but what do you guys think?


Everything looks ok apart from the ridiculous damage stat, especially as it’s a definite strike.
In one move it’ll wipe out pretty much every Dino and it’s only an epic!
Perhaps 2600 damage would be more realistic?


To be completely honest, I have no idea what a realistic stat for damage is lol. My highest level epic is a level 22 Proceratho so I was trying to calculate an estimate. But it appears I am bad at math. I also totally forgot that my proceratho was stat boosted so that threw it off too.

I’ve also noticed that Epic is the highest level rarity that isn’t required to be a hybrid, so that’s why I went with Epic. I’ve never seen a legendary or unique that wasn’t a hybrid.

Uhm. 2.6k is far too high. T Rex, the dino with the highest attack in the game only has 1.8k attack.


Simple solution: no stat boosts allowed on this creature


Yesyesyes add the giant snake Ludia! Add it!!!


Watched a documentary on this beast not too long ago.
I’m down for it in the game!!
Didn’t read the post at all, just saw the headline lol.


Love how it has 4 moves… not like that’s reserved for hybrids only…


Doesn’t exactly help still… 2.6 is absolutely RIDICULOUS.


Bro do you realize how op that thing is going to be? With all those moves and stats? Look, I came up with a better moveset and came up with better stats for the titanoboa, here it is and I hope you like my stats and moveset more than your overly powered stats and moves


(Priority, cleanse self, gets a 50% chance to dodge 66% of damage for 1 turn, increase damage by 25% for 2 turns)
Critical Impact
Lockdown strike

3500 health
1100 attack
114 speed
10 armor
5 crit


I want to see this and the ancient turtle which would of shared the same areas as this snake.

Carbonemys vs titanboa


And if not Titanboa then about this giant prehistoric snake??? Or (just for complete fun with it) this Lambton Worm?

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Titanoboa epic

Health 4020
Attack 1500
Speed 124
Crit 10%
Armour 0%


Revenge rampage
Deal 2x damage. If your opponents creature uses a priority move or a swap in attack, this move acts first, bypasses armour, pins target for 2 turns and has 100% chance to sun opponent for 1 turn
Cooldown 2

Priority. Deal 1x damage. Targets attack decreased by 50% for 2 turns. Targets speed reduced by 50% for 2 turns. Target pinned for 2 turns.


Yeah but the problem I’ve been facing in Lockwood Library is that ANY enemy dino that has an attack that says it stuns for 100% hardly ever “actually stuns” all my dinos (and I’m not talking immune dinos, but like my epic T-Rex, Trykosaurus Rex, Suchotator, Spintosuchus, Thoradolosaur, Tyrannolophosaur etc.) ALWAYS shrugs it off without fail! But if it says it has a 75% chance to stun, then it ALWAYS stuns every single dino I use that is a lvl 28 up to 30 without fail. Although I would like to had that last night was the VERY FIRST time my Thoradolosaur “actually” stunned somebody with his instant charge effectively saving my butt from an almost potential loss that would’ve booted me out of Lockwood Library after I pulled some real magic out of my butt to save me all the other times I was close to be getting jack booted back into Aviary lmao.

I thought those moving feet, swinging tails, and bouncing ceratopsians were difficult to hit with darts. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like trying to hit this slithering target. :grin:

Forgot to add, I would like to see this creature in the game as well.


This would make a great hybrid with diplovenator, I think you did something similar on another thread? Anyway, I love this kit for titanoboa :smiley:
Just a question though, if the opponent doesn’t do a priority move then the revenge rampage is just a normal rampage or it does all the effects except for acting first?

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Yep normal rampage

For anyone interested, I made a hybrid sometime ago with Monolometrodon

Health 4200
Attack 1600
Speed 125
Critical 20%
Armour 0%

Revenge Rampage
Tactical Rampage
Deal 2x damage. Decrease attack by 50% for 2 turns. Remove positive effects
Cooldown 2 delay 2