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Please add Tsintaosaurus to Hadrosaur Scent

As the title states, seeing as it is a Hadrosaur hoping it can be a simple add, thanks! Figuring it’s lacking is just a simple oversight


So many scents need updates if this happens don’t they? not just the hadrosaur scent


Scents, incubators, they all need updates. I swear you won’t find anything released in the last year or so in the standard 8 hour incubators.


Even some events. Like high HP week, we should have sonorasaurus or acrocanthosaurus over all gen 2 since they have higher hp


Adding it to a scent can’t make it spawn on the wrong continent anyway. Relax people, FIP them and let it takes its time, what is with the constant “instant gratification” mindset.

I mean Tsintao isn’t continental, but yeah not sure what to do about continentals being in scents

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I think it should technically be possible for continentals to spawn in normal scents (normal, large, giga, rare, epic). They already have the ability to change what spawns from scents based on your geographic location with local spawns. All they have to do is have a “continental spawn” slot for the scent, and have the dino it spawns change depending on which region you’re currently in.


With apologies… I thought he was 1 of the continental locked dinos… the rest of what I said I’ll stand behind. I see too many people asking for more more more, its supposed to take time


Themed scents don’t pull from the map pool, tho.
They have their own limited pool. This is why you can even get “event exclusives” like diplodocus in a themed scent.
So yes, it is possible to spawn a continental on “wrong” continent if a themed scent has the creature in it.

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I get your point, I actually enjoy having to try and find these new creatures and hybrids, if everyone just finishes them in a snap then people say they need more in the game and such(Ex.mainly talking about how lots of people talked about wanting to finish all the achievements in like a week when they came out but they’re meant to take time, and they keep the players busy, and if finished early you got nothin to do)
I feel like I could explain better but that’s the best I could do at the moment

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What do you mean? I know Tsintaosaurus isn’t continental, but even if it was, adding it to a scent would obviously give it a chance of spawning regardless of where you are in the world. Part of the point of themed scents is that you get to spawn creatures that you wouldn’t normally, including creatures that never spawn in the wild or spawn somewhere other than your current location.


Exactly this. What’s the point of having themed scents if they don’t spawn the creatures that fall within that theme?

If there’s others that need to be added to other scents then it’s a larger issue.

But saying “it takes time” isn’t really an argument against having corresponding creatures in themed scents. We’re talking about a 20 minute incubator here, it’s not like having the slim chance to spawn an epic from these is really going to accelerate progression for players.

This isn’t an “instant gratification” thing. It’s simply asking for themed scents to feature creatures of that theme

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It would completely defeat the purpose of having them exclusive to a continent. I wouldn’t expect this at least for a while.

I’d be willing to bet that within 6 months all of the continent locked creatures will have been featured in a weekly event. Not saying it’ll happen soon, but eventually they’ll become part of an event.

But that’s really beside the point here as I’m not talking about the continental creatures. As Mudkipz said it seems multiple scents/incubators need to be updated. Such as the Sauropod scent adding Sonorasaurus. I’m sure there’s others too.

I don’t really understand what the argument against having corresponding creatures in theme scents is about. Event exclusive? Diplo and Brachi are both featured in the Sauropod scent.

The reality is the odds of actually spawning any epic from a themed scent are low even if you’re moving to get the double spawn. If you’re stationary then the odds are even less likely an epic themed creature would spawn from this scent. It’s why I wouldn’t even have an issue if the continentals are added to theme scents. It’s not as if doing so will allow someone to collect significant amounts of more exclusive DNA. But it’ll make the lucky people who do spawn one excited. What’s wrong with that?

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So I guess you also believe having event exclusives in themed scents defeats the purpose of having event exclusives?
Because if event exclusives can appear in themed scents then why not continentals?
Continentals are, after all, easier to get than event exclusives.

Some people already have all continentals unlocked thanks to sanctuaries of lvl 20.
Some will take a while longer without access to such sancs but they will get it eventually.
It’s inevitable. It’s not about “instant gratification” as you called it.
It’s about Ludia not being conistent within their own game.
As people before pointed out, many scents AND events need updating to be consistent with the current state of the game.

But what about other kinds of exclusive creatures? Arena exclusives and sanctuary exclusives are usually welcomed in themed scents.
Is it because not everyone has equal access to them, encouraging seeking out players living in the right places to populate your sanctuaries?

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You actually just shot down your own point, everyone will get it so yes it is about immediate gratification. My point is they just came out days ago, exclusives don’t get added to scents the next day, it takes a while

Those took time to get added and absolutely scents need updating but we’re talking about creatures added to the game days ago

English is not my language so perhaps you are right and I used some wrong words or expressions.
We might have a different definition of “immediate”, tho.
Everyone WILL get them sooner or later. There’s nothing immediate if someone gets it later but still everyone will get them eventually. So I see no reason why they cannot be in themed scents.

Ludia could have updated the scents when they pushed an update. It is in their power to do so.
They didn’t as they did not update many other things to this day.
If they were consistent with their own game we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

i wouldn’t mind the tsintaosaurus being added to its theme scent.
would also like the continentals to be added to their own scent/ scents. Been giga scenting like crazy and have drawn in every other epic available in my area at least once (koola like 10 times now) and have yet to get my continental to spawn.