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Please add zone specific scents to the market


Stuck in the middle of winter here and not getting out much got me thinking - zone specific scents would be great! They could be a little more costly than the average ones, and would make playing in the winter a little less harsh on those of us stuck in the middle of a freezing tundra!


So u mean like u could use an L1 scent in L2 for example and get L1 Spawns? Yes this would be awesome though a little bit OP and idk if ludia will go for this. I totally want this though!

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oh well, I’m cool with the idea. but, not really sure about seeing herd of Diplocaulus and the herd of Majungasaurus together.


Thats the key thing right there… current spawn mechanics make scents unattractive… my screen already full of majungas… if i wanted diplos instead id got to a l3… im certainly not going to give them money for scents with the current spawn mechanics.

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Yes, that is exactly what I mean. The weather here has made getting out and getting different dna from zones I don’t live or work in impossible.


bring in the trucks with park scents :joy:

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I’d prefer that scents just weren’t zone specific. Why not generate dinosaurs from any zone instead? That way people would buy them on the off chance of getting the dinosaurs that they want.