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Please address dropping in your next update

I can be in high Aviary with an average lv 23 team, trophies at 4945, battling teams of an average of lv 27-28. From most of what I can see, these are droppers. I do so similar teams and levels to my own way more than these droppers, but their existence at this level is a problem.

So I decide to drop to get away from playing battles I have next to no chance of winning. I drop to 3500. Still being matched against lv 26-27 teams. These are not AI. At 3900 I just faced Fazed of Ubetjurrasican (not the first time I have played this dropper) whose team average seemed to be about lv 26, all uniques. This person should not be allowed to drop so low. No one should be allowed to drop so low. Honestly, I should not be allowed to go from 4945 to 3500, much less the 4945 to 1000 I am about to do.

Seriously…I am done playing with this. I am going to once a month hit my high point (I go for 4750) and the rest of the time you will find me in the 1000’s - 2000’s beating all the new players so they quit and maybe that will force you to handle this Ludia. No one enjoys playing against teams they have no chance against because the OP op wants easy wins or more incubators for the flawed boost system you created. Some dropping is understandable so we can self correct our current counts…but this Fazed person is obviously someone that should be in the 5500+ range and they are sniping players in the 3500-4000 range.

This needs to be a point of focus in your next update. Its not every battle of course…but its enough that its disrupting the whole ranking system and general gameplay. Put a -500 or -1000 cap on dropping in a month or some other method to make sure relative lower leveled players playing the game as intended are not having to face or deal with an apparent flaw in this system.

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In aviary and below, it’s not just trophy count that determines the match. It combines trophy count, dino levels, and boosts. If you dropped to get away, you’ll still see them because your power score is what matches you. Unfortunately, you just made it harder on yourself to move back up.


That is standard knowledge that aviary and under are count+power.

That is not relevant to the point though…these players are in the same range I am. The matching is count+power but those players have to be in the same count range. A 2000 player will not get matched against a 4000 players simply because their power is similar. But, if a OP player is in the 2000 range and I drop, there is a high chance I would face that player over a typical 2000 range player.

Its the ability to drop to that range that is the problem. We should have a way to drop, but not that far. As well, I will have little to no difficulty moving back up. I have many times trying to get members for my alliance. I have stopped dropping because my alliance is doing well.

Are their teams made up solely of L27&28, or are those just the critters you faced?

I’ve got a range of creature levels, I don’t have the luxury of having all my battle team at the same level. We know matchmaking often picks the worst, or the best of your team to face opponents. Perhaps the rest of the team was many levels below yours.

It also seems weird to me that you are able to basically make it to the threshold of Library with a LV23 team. I’ve been here for months with an avg of L25 team, lightly boosted.

It seems to me more that you are above where your natural level is. Arena has a way of doing that, it sends you way up, then way down. I suggest that you went too high and are on your way back to your natural level.

My conspiracy side says it’s constructed this way to give you a taste of success, then the sour taste of failure in the hopes of you spending cash to “Get gud”.

We really don’t want Ludia to address dropping, last time they did this, we got exactly what you are experiencing now. I can’t imagine the repercussions of them fixing it better…

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Glad to see you are being an adult.

To be fair, I face arena droppers… no big deal. It’s an easy win on their way down.

I don’t really think what you are experiencing is arena droppers.

What evidence do you have that you are facing arena droppers, do you have screenshots of their teams when they were falling that show the low level team needed to drop?


This is why droppers should only be allowed to drop one arena from the one they currently reside in. Like for instance the Library, they can drop to Aviary and that is it. No dropping 3 or 4 arenas and certainly not drop to an arena where new players play


Actually… since Library doesn’t use team power for matchup once you get in there you’ll face anything between lvl 24-30 unboosted and boosted. If you run into a lvl 30 team boosted you’re right back into aviary… doesn’t necessarily mean they want to be there.

However… there are a lot of droppers around nowadays. That does need to be addressed.

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“Glad to see you are being an adult.” Seriously? Why would I watch others take advantage of this and then not do it myself? As well, my goal is to remedy the situation, not necessarily add to the cycle. What would happen if everyone dropped? Ludia would fix this.

Of course these are arena droppers. How could someone with uniques at Lv 26-27 be in the 3500-4000 range unless they dropped to get there? How could I play the same player (same name and same alliance) in a higher arena, then face them a few weeks later in a lower arena when their team is that powerful?

Evidence? Play the game…that is all the evidence needed. I am not screenshotting to win a forum battle or get Internet points. As well, I gave the name and alliance, look the person up yourself if you want ‘evidence’, but, cleverly, that user has their friend team full of nothing but commons and since we see friend teams now instead of pvp teams, all you can see is the commons.

How can you say you face droppers but then ask for evidence and say I am not facing droppers? That is not logically sound. To the same extent, where is your evidence?

I have been above 4750 for 3 months…so I am not to high for my team. It could be the league effect where basing matching on both trophies and power creates leagues within the arenas. But most of the battles I have are against Lv 21-24 creatures and most of the players I have seen prior to the friend teams showing were also in the same range as I am. Perhaps you are to low or not playing well enough…and I do not say that to be rude. I cannot agree that I am above where my level is. My ceiling is 4900. At that point, I start seeing ranges outside of my own, below 4750 I may lose 1 out of 10-15 battles. That tells me my range is 4750-4900.

When I reached 4750, I was average level 21. Have you not leveled up in the months you have been there for months? I play hours a day…maybe that is the difference?

Way to many people use the excuse of “to high for you level” and while it is true sometimes, it is not true in this case.

I also cannot agree that because they failed to fix it at some point in time that the issue is unfixable…if that were the case…why attempt to fix anything?

Yeah I agree its not reasonable to be in the 4900 area and claim every powerful opponent I face is a dropper.

That is what I meant here: “I do so similar teams and levels to my own way more than these droppers, but their existence at this level is a problem.”

I am confident many are not droppers. I am also confident that many are. Some of them are so OP for Aviary though…its beyond a doubt they are boost harvesting or taking a break from harder battles. Especially when I drop 1000 trophies and face them in such low arenas.

You have to alter your team if you want to see a fair battle, no matter the arena.

I agree and wrote this a while back

Yes, this in not adult behavior. Ludia won’t even notice, so that negates your desired effect of them changing to suit your needs.

I’m there, with at least one L26 unique. I didn’t drop to get there. I face similar, lower and higher strength teams.

I agree with it being “the league effect” something I talked about when they “addressed” arena droppers last time. They made it so it would be possible to be high ranked with a lower level team which never saw high level teams at the same trophy count.

Perhaps they adjusted matchmaking, and now you really are seeing the effects of being higher than you should be as a result of only being matched with lower level opponents, despite there being higher level opponents at the same trophy count you don’t typically get matched with… “The League Effect”.

My point, again is to be careful what we ask for. Ludia’s fix last time for arena droppers is the very thing you are complaining of now.

You likely are seeing some arena droppers, take the free win on their way down, and accept the loss on their way back up.

To go down, terrorize low level players with vastly overwhelming creatures doesn’t do anyone any good. It is not adult behavior.

Well, I can confirm the “Different leagues at same trophy count” thing. Just swapped to low level team, did a few battles and I’m seeing teams that don’t belong where they are. Level 20ish teams of legendaries in high Aviary, and they ARE the team because that’s what I faced. Could be droppers, but not at player level 15. lol

Swapped back and am seeing mostly uniques.

Be careful what you ask for, they might just give it to us.

My take is that there are now fewer players, so the “leagues” of different strengths at same trophy count are converging in battles to avoid timeouts.

We previously asked Ludia to stop arena droppers, they gave us a more broken arena.

Droppers should be penalized 60% of their trophy count. So say they have 5000 trophies that means they forfeit 60% of that amount. This should be implemented each time. Hell throw in repeat offenders get automatically locked into the arena they drop in for 30 days.

How do you propose that “Arena Droppers” be identified?

Someone that loses 5 in a row? 10? Someone that drops 1k trophies in a day?

You propose taking 60% of their trophy count from someone that meets that criteria?

I now believe that this game is screwed up because Ludia listens to the players.

Think about the havoc that would create.

I’m at 5k trophies. I get labeled a dropper. Now I’m in Lockdown with L25+ uniques.
All I face in Lockdown will soon be labeled “droppers”.

Can you say “Snowball effect”?

Or maybe next we propose limiting what creatures can be used in what arenas… If you think battling is boring now, wait until we can only play the same creatures in the arena!

Again, be careful what you ask Ludia to do, they will give us that.


Dually noted

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Sorry, haven’t been on the forum for a bit.

That is the same point I am making. If people drop, it greatly increases the chances other people that would not drop, will drop. Its not good for the game and its not fair to anyone. Parts of my posts are playing devils advocate to the reasonable stance of “lets not drop” with the stance of “if others are dropping, why don’t I just drop”. The subject is to stop the ability to drop.

I have zero intentions of dropping (at least not below 4000). I am making the point that if I dropped and beat all the new players, many may quit…that is bad (though it may prompt a change). But the current system allows for that, and that is bad. Its not childish to propose this…its not even childish for those doing it as they are still working within the restraints of the game. The issue is that its allowed. Honor systems do not work in games…people want to win more than they want to be honest about winning.

What I wrote is what I view the stance of someone that is doing this must be thinking. Someone gets mad because they face a dropper and so they drop. Someone gets mad because they have faced to many boosted dinos so they drop to harvest boosts. Someone simply does not want to think about battles, they just want to obliterate their opponents. With the ability to drop, why wouldn’t they? Why wouldn’t I? If the only rebuttal to that is to shame them in saying “that is childish” or “that is not what adults do” then that isn’t solving the issues and still allows for it to happen.

My thread topic is to stop dropping. I am using the opposite stance to show how and why people drop and the results of people doing so within a system that allows it to happen and that if we all did it, the system would have to change.

If the only method of getting Ludia to fix this, and this is not something irreparable, is for more people to drop, then more people should drop. The end goal is to stop it, not to enjoy beating new players.

I thought it was pretty clear someone calling for the end of dropping would not be dropping to ruin the game or to be “non-adult-ish”.

People drop arenas because they have no other recourse to deal with the incompetent matchmaking.

One day I lost 10 matches in a row to insanely overpowered opponents and right after that I said “NOPE!” And sat there for at least half an hour while I dropped two arenas.

If you drop below 4000 you won’t get 4 boost out of the daily battle incubator. So I suspect that’s what most droppers do is get down to that level and then work their way back up

Presumably, while you lose a. Umber of battles to these overpowered Arena droppers, you also win the same amount of battles when they drop down.