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Please address the elephant in the room Ludia

So a couple of days after the reset and once again the sheer frustration of the toxicity of the arena, in this case the Library rears it’s ugly head.

Please explain how as each month passes, me and literally so many more players that I know find themselves with a team that better than it was the month before, yet we are dropping down and losing more than we are winning again?

I just did 15 battles starting at 5282 and after almost falling into aviary I climbed back to 5198 eventually. I look at the scores my opponents have and 12 are over 5500. Not once was I over 5282. I lost the first three battles and was at 5130 facing player at 5580.

I’m always saying to our alliance members that pvp is what you make it. Your score doesn’t matter, at least only as much as you let it. But there is literally no way to progress with this reset every month. I was at 5489 before the reset.

And let’s face it, if one simply says it doesn’t matter whether I progress or not there seems little or no point in doing it at all. Which is exactly what so many players are doing. Up until now I truly didn’t care, but it’s got to me now and I’m seriously considering dropping the game altogether. The teams in Library are pretty much identical to those in Gyro and the lower Shores now. How does this happen?

I wonder if any of you have any idea how pvp could be made to be fun again for Library players?


By nerfing the Apexs.

Any player who has spent their time grinding 8 Uniques is now up against a player who may have only been working on 4 and now has 4 top tier creatures at Library Team Level. There’s simply more competition now and it came all at once.


The reason why you see X amount of trophies that are higher than you, for example the 5500+ you saw is because thats their highest score BUT that doesn’t mean they have that score right now. They could of lost a couple games and got back to 5400 so they become in your range of scores.

We can only see the topscore of that month from each player wich isn’t their current score.

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I think the point that @Schtemty is making is that there is little to no forward progress in the PvP aspect of the game anymore. So many people are backed up in Library that there seems to be no way to move forward. Two months ago I was in Gyro, now my team is much stronger (as is everyone else’s of course) and I can barely stay out of Aviary.

You may be right @Robbiejordan that some of this is from more people having Apex dinos. It’s also the game design, feels like we’re in a bottleneck.

If it were not for my alliance I would not do PvP at all anymore. It’s a total wreck in my opinion. If it weren’t for the raids I would not be playing at all.


That’s exactly it @jvpeters, and I am fully aware that the score I see on my opponents score is the highest they have reached. The point is that if upon the reset I am at 5250 and the best I’ve got is 5289, how can I be playing people who have hit 5580 two days after the reset?

What is the point of going into an arena that punishes you for your progress?

If the arena made any sense at all we would still progress in some way or another but because of the daft reset every month that simply doesn’t happen.

I saw Gyro players saying they hoped they don’t get dumped into the Library cesspit upon reset. They are fully aware of the state of play here. Don’t you realise how it drives players away Ludia?


I’ve been suck in Library for over a year now and while I will sometimes be in Gyro for a few days. I literally see no variety in teams.

Its so damn BORING, the only “difference” is now I’m seeing people start with a tryko or Maxima and attack once then switch to a CeraRAT, RhinoRAT, DracoRATS, and sometimes the occasional W. Rhino. Wow, much skill, so fun. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Arena is nothing but a toxic cesspool where you get punished by literally being stuck in the same arena month, after month, after month


Once I start seeing lvl 28+ Cera’s I’m dropping the game. I’m already seeing lol 27s with 2300+ swap in damage and CRITTING for 2900, then just Speed up for another 2300+ damage. I officially hate the game because of all the SIA and no counters for them.


I just started to play PvP again this week after a good year away. These flock birds are kind of fun and no one else in Lockwood estates arena range has them yet at all on their teams. Not even my guildies have any. I went through everyone. The boring part is everyone in my range has an Indominus Rex on their team… everyone. The rest is whatever.

There is a lot more swapping going on with Rhino’s and Rats. I have Monolorhino, Smilonemys and my Comp Gen 2, Dodo’s and Dodocevia’s all with swap-out moves making it interesting. I’m going to have all 5 flock birds eventually to team level.

I had all 3 flock birds picked in a row with Smilonemys in one match so I played the birds one after the other, went through them all and finished with only one flock dead.

These flocks were a good add to the game but not for the top players who aren’t rich to get them up to your teams level. I’m staying down in Lockwood on purpose to be able to play all these new creatures soon after they come out.


I constantly am debating whether I should just quit this game. There are some great parts to the game, but so many things that I find tick me off so much.
Biggest complaint, that will lead me to quitting= Completely Random. The whole game, is built off random. And that is horrible. Sure, works for Adventure/searching and darting dinos. But this whole game is centered around the Arena. And Arena, is now, mostly all built off random luck.
Arena: Hope I get a good 4 to match whatever I’m playing. I didnt= welp no reason to play. I have no chance.
Oh, I got another critical hit against me, game is over. So sick and tired of the randomness of this game. And the Arena is such a toxic place to be, and no way out…except LUCK. Garbage in my opinion


And so it begins…

Yup, my days are numbered on this toxic trash


Seeing the same situation in Aviary too. Since the new scoring system I’ve fell from library to aviary. I was holding my own in libraries months then the. New points systems and boost reshuffle came into play and winning a few days I was back in aviary (again). 90% of battles have at least one apex and a lvl 30 nitro Thor. I used to enjoy battling but now it’s pretty much a case of get my 10 takedowns for my DBI then stop till the next day. There must be a way to get the balance back into the game and make it fairer for all I just don’t think Ludia are Interested in trying to fix it. Frustrated players will spend on boosts etc and this suits Ludia perfectly.


The main problem I see is the monthly reset. I don’t understand why they have to drop us so much every month without creating trophies in the arena. Last month I went from a high score of 5600 to 5800 and 5900 on my son’s account and mine (thanks to a decent winning percentage). I ended the season above 5750 on both accounts, yet I had to start the season at 5499 again. All players are improving their team, yet more and more players are packed in the same arena. This doesn’t make sense. At worst, we should all be reset at our current score when the season ends like it used to be before the high score was taken into account for the season reward. That will slightly help the situation but will not address the issue of trophies disappearing (mainly because more and more players leave the arena). There is no point playing this game of you don’t battle in the arena. Why would you get boosts or level up creatures if you don’t battle in the arena! This should be the #1 priority for Ludia.


The elephant in the room is Ludia has 0 regard for those in the Choke. It’s not fun because you are supposed to spend money building a team to overcome the Choke.

The entire concept of arena and the mechanics is flawed. What is the point of a game that is great graphics and beautiful animations when all you see is the same few things. It’s an AR game that you spend most of the time sitting down. Most alliances do not even bother with Exploration expectations when recruiting.

I see a lot of saltiness over what is really minor. Creatures are meta then not. No one cares. We had Monomimius and IndoR once rule the arena. The question is how to make this game progress. Seems everyone doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Easy solutions like 40/30 are shot down because it bloats the trophies.

Ludia has already killed the future by making the 4th and 5th Apexes worthless. Haast is another useless Apex. All 3.raids are going to be tough so what good are they for future use.

You have 2 flock hybrids which wipe the floor once at team level. So complaining that Apexes are OP for their level is laughable when the only viable 3 are fodder for 2 hybrids that can be farmed in the wild and leveled to 30 with some effort.

I dun even care about the creatures when I see regression. Who cares about arena when it’s just the same for the top players and a regression for the rest. Why bother trying to fix minor things like Apex when you are back to where you were in 1 season? Nerf Apex, flocks come up. Nerf flocks, resil comes up. Then wild cards. It never ends because some salty fella cannot accept that some creatures are not viable and has a pet peeve with a certain mechanic. Dodge, superiority strike, Pounce, Apex. All names of the same problem: jealousy and anger. People unable to accept that the flavour of the month might not be to their favour. .

The solution is to remove PvP as the core of JWA. It’s inferior to the rest of the game. It is 1 dimensional and not worth building a game around. Games like Pokemon Go didn’t even have such offal concepts until the end. I am not interested in fighting for trinkets that are worth little. You get more joy raiding even 10 times the same boss because its rewarding. PvP is pure anger.


There are some very interesting points made on this thread.

Why do we have such a harsh reset every month?
This creates such a bottleneck for over a week after the reset.

Why are so many players only playing one pvp a season?
Because this shows the alliance that they are active in the arena.
Yet as someone said earlier the whole object of the game is to build your team up. You get boosts even as a ftp player. You get coins, and the means to build your dinos up and yet you don’t play pvp?
This simply doesn’t make any sense at all when you look at it like this. What’s the point of playing if you aren’t going to play the very core element of the game?

Some players drop deliberately using a lower level team and get their incubators in that way. But still it seems pointless to build boosts for a team you never use.
Others drop so they can wreak havoc as they rise again.
What do this? Because Ludia allow it is the simple answer.

All of this doesn’t answer the original question though. Why is there such a disparity in the Library? Why can we move up the arenas in no time at all then sit in the Library for over a year? Why are the teams in the Library no different to the teams in Gyro and lower Shores? It surely can’t be because so many of us a simply not very good players can it?

Ludia the 40/20 is not an answer to this problem, if anything it exacerbates the situation. The reset is a major issue, as is droppers and the sheer lack of suitable opponents due to so many players simply not playing pvp. A major overhaul to pvp is needed.


More and more people cap out every day.
Given a long enough time line, all players will eventually be L30 max boosted to lower and lower arenas.
It’s inevitable.
Library is the new Aviary.
Next year Gyro will be where all the consistent players end up.


@W1ckety You’ve hit the nail on the head!
That’s exactly what we have now, and Ludia have done absolutely nothing to address it.

So what’s the answer?
Is there one?
Or is that it……
Game Over.


What is annoying me is that about 20 battles lost, only 2 were NOT -40. There are some issues with apexes I’d say, but the constant -40 is just so annoying

@ElEduardo i have noticed that you have to be 100% alert to even see what trophies you win or lose now. It’s is displayed for just a millisecond before it disappears so you need to know where you were before the battle to even know.

I’ve lost a 29 and a 32 so far in the last few days since the reset. The rest are 40. Most I’ve won is 29.

The elephant in the room…
In spite of what the player who just dips out every time someone mentions he’s constantly declaring the Apexs 'no big deal" yet climbed from library to shores by adding 3 says… the game is in a bad place and the real issue is imbalance and lack of diversity. As you climb, you’re steered more and more towards the narrow pool of “meta relevant” creatures and by the time you’re in Gyrosphere you’re probably using the an almost identical team to everyone else. At that point it becomes boosts distribution but again, as you approach the upper end of Gyro or lower shores you find yourself with a very similar optimization of your boosts on the exact same dinos so now… you have the same teams with similar boosts and limited strategies all competing for what amounts to a limited number or spaces “in the sun”. That means a lot of people bouncing around in the same approximate range with no where to go. If the improve balance and create diversity and make some tweaks to the reset we’re all suddenly playing a more varied and competitive game


By fall, Shores will probably be reserved just for Amber Club members.