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Please address the elephant in the room Ludia

Before the impulse reset I was in the Library, after the impulse reset was done I fell into the Aviary and stayed there until today that I have returned to the Library, with my level 24 equipment, 25 with impulses but without any Apex in the equipment , the entire time practically faced teams plus 28 in one arena or the other.

Quite agree I reached 5300 and reset to 5100 , pointless will never get out of library


I just faced a 27 ceramagnus and mortem. It’s ridiculous because I’m in low aviary.


I do think the apex’s should get a nerf.


That’s not necessarily true. I haven’t spent a penny and got to shores. I just decided to use a fun team this time around, and so I’m in library. But that’s 100% not true. It’s 100% doable

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well… let me make another post about “strength score” x “trophy only” matchmaker again…


The meta has constantly changed over the years. You just need to adapt with it. If you don’t want to and create your own team. Awesome then enjoy the ride. Otherwise why complain about something that won’t change.


I noticed this like I think 18 months ago, the stronger my team got the worst my rating became.

I obviously can’t say for sure, but I can’t help but get the feeling that it’s setup that way to keep everyone in place spending like crazy to break free….not saying that IS what’s happening, but I can’t shake the feeling.

In the end I just gave up caring about rating because even if you made it to #1 then what? Only place to go is down🤷‍♂️

I may be biased though coz I don’t really have a competition mindset and have never been top of arena.


I honestly thought I would make it to Gyrosphere last season, then I couldn’t get a win, and then the outage hit before the reset. So at my best ever total, just 11 short, I thought it would be easy to get there quickly. Not a chance… I’m lower than I was at the reset.

It’s interesting that my fellow alliance players say exactly the same thing. Different players with different teams experiencing exactly the same as I am.

If it would be extremely generous to call your answer short sighted… If nobody who is playing in the arena consistently is trying to remain where they are, the point is to grow and to reach new heights but in order to do so you have to narrow your options and play style to mirror everyone else’s, that’s not healthy for a game. The answer is late/end game diversity, if we’re climbing slowly or stuck but we have options and see a verity of creatures we will all enjoy the game more and more people would participate making the game healthier

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It sounds like there are so many players in the upper arenas that when the reset comes there is such a giant pile-up of players in one trophy range that most can’t climb back up and out of the pack for being stepped on and pushed back down. My guess is it is taking longer and longer for things to settle out after a reset so players can’t get back up to where they were by the end of the season.

I don’t see this problem in Lockwood Estates, just below Avairy. I play players in my range and haven’t ran into any extremely odd out of range teams above or below. I’m up about 200 trophy’s and expecting to cap out.


I keep leveling my dinos up hoping to get higher in aviary but I just get matched with tougher opponents with more boost. And if I go boost mine more then inevitably I get matched with even more boost. I don’t know but it’s frustrating to say the least.

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Reset is a total joke. It’s a transparent mechanic to artificially lower our scores because Ludia wants us to struggle to progress (and therefore spend money on boosts). It resets literally thousands of players to 5499 at the start of every season, making Library/low Gyro a total bloodbath for a week or two every month. It makes lots of players not want to play, which makes the problem worse because then it takes even longer for the arena to even out. Right now we’re four days into the season and I’m still struggling in the 5500s – my high score last month was over 6100. It’s ridiculous.


The point is since you aren’t going to progress do what you like. Most of you still have freedom of movement and good Intel on Locals, go and hunt. Build something that is fun. A minority is actually feeling any progress the rest are stagnant or worse regressing. This is the fault of Ludia. They decided that its funny to reset all players to a chokepoint and then ensure over time the playerbase is choked in a small range of trophies by zero sum trophy gain/loss.

The mechanics of arena is screwed up. The concept that arena is built on is flawed and weak so the execution is flawed and weak.

I stopped caring about progress and focused on being in Shores. Then have fun and experiment with my team to see how to improve my team dynamics given my team is already at limit.


I was beginning to have hope that Ludia was trying to fix the arena. Since 20/40 was implemented my high score is up about 500 trophies, back in the Depot after a very long time.

Imagine my dismay when the season ended and the completely unnecessary, harmful trophy theft reset continued as before. Why isn’t anyone listening?

Ludia got it somewhat right by ending the 30/30 disaster, now make the second necessary change and stop removing trophies from anyone < 6K.

Still impatiently waiting.


It’s more then just the reset harming this games late game meta… like don’t get me wrong Ludias blanket resets are handled extremely bad. But it isn’t the mechanic that causes all the issues but it’s become a sort of scape goat for the playerbase.

I get reset by 700+ trophies almost every month in clash… but I enjoy the climb back up their. Here I don’t even bother. Some of that is incentive their is a lot their… every seasons theirs prizes to be had at various trophy ranges and their good rewards. The kind Ludia would charge 50 bucks for. Heck this season they added two new arenas reworked their prizes and I earned an entire new set of rewards between 3000-4000 trophies even though I haven’t been that low in years. The coins alone were like 50 dollars worth. Here their is no incentive other then seasonal dna. No re earn able prizes. Just a ticket on the rng train.

The real issues are balance and rng… and it’s only gonna get worse as time goes on with apex’s being balanced as they are. With the direction we’re currently going it’s gonna take so much longer for the higher level players to actually climb up. When everyone at “reset” rank has the same potential to pull the same “apex hand” that gonna keep the top players lower longer meaning everyone is gonna climb slower cause even they will need “rng” to push back up.


Dude, if the players have creatures that are stronger than yours, it’s not Ludia’s fault.


@RapTors98 I’m not sure who you are replying to, but you’re missing the point.

Of course it’s not Ludia’s fault if the opponent has stronger dinos, but it is if they put that player in the same pool as you with weaker dinos. That’s the point of my original post.

How is it possible to move up when you are dropped every month and face teams way stronger than you are? To take your thinking would be ideal for Ludia as you could spend loads of money buying boosts and coins to make your team stronger quicker I suppose, but natural progression is not giving us any progress at all after months and months, even sometimes over a year in the same arena. That is simply crazy and offers no incentive to play the arena at all!


The elephant is this game has no end and it’s designed to keep players engaged as long as it can with psychological aspects to get people to buy stuff to progress.

So if players feel no progression, Ludia is shooting itself in the foot because frustration will push people away.

I don’t expect to progress because I don’t spend anything and boost very little and only to defeat level 30 strike towers with level 20-22 creatures.

The game goes after the spenders who glory in making it up to the top arenas with dreams for hitting #1. What else is there?

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This screenshot tells you all you need to know about why things are the way they are. I hadn’t checked JWA’s “Top Grossing” chart position in probably a year or more. Back then JWA was in the 290-something range. A day or two ago they were at 167. This is where they stand now, so the whales/players trying to progress/people with money to burn are fueling this. Not me though!

Screenshot_20210611-115851_Google Play Store