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Please address the elephant in the room Ludia

Maybe these players do not participate in PvP for a long time, and in the meantime they grow, then start fighting with strong creatures again. This matchmaking method is based on trophies, not the team. That is the “problem”

Anyone who’s been playing since 2018 remembers how awesome the PvP Arena used to be:

We’d spend hours battling and have results to show for it, either trophies or incubators.

While there were still meta-relevant creatures, the teams were more diverse because you couldn’t just hyperboost your way through problems.

You had to strategically think through matches and not just guess whether the Cera would accelerate or rampage.

There were Resilient, Cunning, and Fierce creatures, but it wasn’t a pure rock paper scissors system like we have now. And tons of hybrids would represent all of their components, way more wildcards.

Speed ties, matchmaking, droppers, and resets were still bad, but the problems they caused wouldn’t completely ruin the experience like today.

Please, Ludia, here are some ideas worth trying to make the arena enjoyable again:

  • Give us a second PvP arena without boosts
  • Add on-escape, swap-ins, counter attacks to more creatures
  • Add random resistances to more creatures
  • Actually rebalance the creatures every other patch like you promised

Slightly related to PvP, but I also want:

  • Add group moves to more creatures (this is more a complaint about how raids use the same 10 creatures, but at least they’re more fun than the arena)
  • More strike towers with Legendary or Unique creatures like last week
  • Reasons to replay the campaign (new game plus?)

The arena will be hard to fix, but if that adds another few years of life to the game without hemorrhaging players, then it’s a solid business case (you need to profit, but you don’t need to drag the entire playerbase down to achieve it).


Great post @jbthepaysonite

Sadly those halcyon days pre boosts are a distant memory now. Sure the speed ties were a pain but we progressed nonetheless, and I for one couldn’t wait to battle in the arena. My wife and son were the same and we would all go out hunting for dna together every day. Such fun, and what the game should be.

Despite all the improvements over the years, alliances, sanctuaries, raids, new creatures, tourneys, etc… we have the very crux of the game ruined. Is it ruined beyond repair? It would seem so as the supposed fix in the latest update is merely to make battles based on current trophies only. Library has been that way for ages and it’s the worst place to be. And nothing is being done to address this?

It’s such a shame because the amount of players who do the very bare minimum in pvp is continuing to grow as more and more players reach the bottleneck in upper aviary/ library. There must be a fix surely?


The problem with Library and Depot hasn’t been the troohy-based mm; in fact, that’s the only improvement compared to lower arenas.

The real problem is the monthly (seasonal) trophy reset, that creates pile-ups in lower Library and Depot and removes thousands of trophies that are never replaced. This may only be necessary for the handful of players in Shores, a beautiful arena that the rest of us - in part because of the constant trophy theft reset - may never see. “Reach Arena 13” mocks me each time I look at my unfinished achievements.


Let’s just look at trophy based matchmaking and see if I’m missing something.

People say it’s an improvement and that it’s the way forward, yet all a player who wants to farm easy incubators has to do is drop and battle back up to get them in no time. Other players will get tired of spending ages trying to get their dbi so they will drop and get it quickly battling players who shouldn’t be battling them. So there’s two reasons it isn’t an improvement in my eyes.

Now strength of team was tried but it was abused because it’s too easy to put a couple of low level unboosted creatures in the team. Thus the strength is lower. And the droppers had a field day again, or those looking for an easy matchmaking experience we’re having a blast!

So what’s the answer?

  1. Stop the reset below 6000 trophies.

  2. Put a system in place to stop dropping.

It’s not rocket science is it?

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That’s exactly what I’m saying; trophy based mm is not the problem.

If they insist on keeping the unnecessary reset, then they need to add pity bots (after 2 losses in a row) up to 5,999 trophies to help replace trophies that were lost and to help players progress, like they do <5K. Ridiculous? Sure. Ludia, please stop the seasonal reset <6K!

But trophy based mm allows droppers to drop quicker, and their opponents after the drop are in an even worse predicament than they were before.

So when I say there needs to be something implemented to prevent droppers, this is why I see trophy based mm as far from being the answer.

Trophy based mm is fine if a player in the shores can’t drop to Library to farm, or a Gyro player drop to aviary. Worse still will be Library players now dropping to aviary and below to farm as they will be rewarded with even easier match ups. But since Ludia are almost encouraging this it seems to be what we are now stuck with.

The change in mm is not to prevent arena dropping but will help non-droppers, who I believe are the great majority of players.

If there were a lot of droppers, I should encounter their low level teams on the way down; I’ve been battling a lot since 20/40 was implemented and haven’t encountered such a team even once.

I do agree that dropping needs to be addressed, perhaps by making it impossible to drop more than one or two arenas below the current one, regardless of team (keep losing? Fine, you just won’t lose any trophies and might as well start climbing back up where you belong.)

Matchmaking should be solely based on the highest trophies. That’s the best estimate of team strength, boost allocation and player skills. It won’t prevent players from voluntarily dropping but it will take several seasons to do so to farm incubators.


But why punish a player for a losing streak? I certainly have those and don’t always stop when I should (after 2-3 losses in a row).

You will not be punished if you are on a losing streak. You will be matched with players with similar high score to yours. Most likely their current score will be higher than yours so if you win you will win 40 trophies most of the time and if you lose you will only lose 20 trophies.

I also remember that players outside the top 500 got absolutely nothing at season end and your rewards used to be based on current score which would lead everyone to stop battling at the end of the season. :man_shrugging:

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Like getting the apex is the easiest

There isn’t. To be honest, after playing tournament every other week, I know I would instantly quit if we went back to pre-boost. There is no fun in losing because you drew the wrong dino and then lost a speed tie while getting a bad RNG. I barely play Skill because it is just pure boredom. You have no need of true skill just right place and good luck. No need to bother with hunting, just unlock the creature and you are done.

I remembered how much I hated arena then and how now its bad but its more my fault than just bad dice rolls. I didn’t build my creatures properly. I chose to boost this group not that group. Nothing sucks more than knowing nothing you do will make an iota of difference. No amount of farming, raiding or buying will change the fact, you live in the wrong part of the world. Sorry…


The mistake is clogging Aviary and Library. Or rather not trying to unclog it.

Droppers are droppers. Trophy based matchmaking is trophy based matchmaking. If you think changing the mm to anything else would make a difference, it wouldn’t for most players. Power-based means we dun need to improve to progress. Why lvl your creatures or boost them when a lvl 20 Acrocantops sweeps everyone else in the lvl 20 bracket? Why bother leveling? Just stay at lvl 20 average and boost max there. You will get to Shores and better still never have to meet anyone with lvl 30s.

Random matchmaking will be much worse.

If only another game used a similar based match making to gauge how it compares. Oh wait they did. Not only does it work to prevent droppers but it makes resets way less painful.

What game does this? JWA is the only game I am playing since I dropped Pokémon GO.

I always felt Team strength should have been figured based on the strongest dinosaur on the team. If a player built a team of 30, 29, 29, 29, 28, 28, 27, and a 18, there team strength would be based on them having 30, 29, 29, 29, 28, 28, (28), (28). The 27 and the 18 would be figured as stronger, but their battle stats would not change, they would still be 27 and 18. This would have helped prevent putting one or two weaker dinosaurs on the team to lower team strength for matchmaking.

I also thought the only time a player should lose trophies is if they are beaten by a lower or equal team and the only time they should win trophies is if the beat a higher or equal team.

I also think that there should be dinosaur level restrictions for the different arenas. If you’re in Badlands then you shouldn’t be able to drop a level 30 dinosaur on your team (although that is a rather extreme example).

People will level drop for easy daily Incubator and there really isn’t a good stop for that, but they shouldn’t be able to Steamroll there way back up because they need a particular score for tournaments.

I get trophy resets to a point. If they didn’t people on top at the end of the season have no reason to PvP if they start out on top.