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Please address the player profile issue

Many patches ago you used to be able to see another players creature stats on the leaderboard and on the friends list. This was removed from the game for an unknown reason and resulted in only seeing your own creature stats.

I do not understand why this was removed. This feature was very helpful and let you see the dinos potential raid members had. Why was this removed? Please ludia, bring it back.


Yeah, I loved this. It was nice to be able to see someone’s boost spread after a battle, or check out your alliance’s potential raid dinos. Was this intentionally removed or was it an oversight?

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Perhaps they don’t want everyone just trying to copy the top players dinos and boost distribution?

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I’d like it if they brought this back. I don’t understand why it was removed.

You can see the information in the raid lobby or in the battle. Apparently it’s been disabled because players at the top of the ranking don’t want the competition to see what they are doing.