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Please adjust boost system to remove random luck wins

In the past Ludia has given a message that they wanted the game to be about more skill, than luck in pvp battles. That is not the case currently, because players will put almost all of their boost on two or three dinosaurs and if they get any of those dinosaurs in their battle formation they win. If they don’t, they lose. The old boost system, corrected for that luck system quickly with an exponential cost system that strongly encouraged players to balance their dinosaurs. This system will take over 2 years to balance this out.


As far as I remember, they wanted it to be less RNG-dependent. Less than before, not devoid of RNG.
The way they did that was with the introduction of new counters to evasion, and by making it so dodges now only reduce incoming damage by 66%, as opposed to 100%.
A game devoid of RNG is not at all what they’re going for. RNG plays a big role in all of the other Ludia games I’ve played, and it’s exactly as intended.

I did not mention anything about it being devoid of random number generation. That is not my discussion point, and I am not sure why you wrote it.
In any case, right now it is MORE luck, and less skill with this abuse of the boost system.
If you get the super boosted 2 or 3 dinosaurs you want, you most likely get a win. It is a huge flaw in the boost system and punishes players who balanced their teams. Also, since the boost don’t mean that much at the lower amounts, even non boosted creatures can still do a lot of damage to set up the enemy team, for when your overly boosted dinosaur(s) shows up.

Ur right, at this rate I will never be able to boost my dinos, I keep getting slaughtered cuz I keep getting the same non boosted dinos each fight and losing alot

I didn’t mean to imply that you mentioned it. I was just trying to provide contrast, but in hindsight I could have worded it better.

I get your point, but mine is that Ludia never claimed that nor promised to make JWA’s skill-dependence>it’s RNG dependence, and that RNG is probably always going to be a major part of their games.

I think 5% crits should be removed. They rarely happen anyway, and when they do, its always for my opponent in matches i wouldve won otherwise. Oh and that one time in epic tourney when postimetrodon crit twice in a row through my cloak…

Personally, I think having “skills” includes knowing which dinos to boost and how. That changes victory chances. Like Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and many other games, knowing how to prepare your squad is no small thing. In those games, that’s actually most of where your success comes from.

Adjust ALL crit rates to 15%
Game fixed. You’re welcome :sunglasses: