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Please adjust Monolometrodon

Please adjust Monolometrodon back as before update. Monolometrodon became so weak after update. I hope you can fix this :slight_smile:


I can agree that this update made her weak, in my personal opinion the nerf was a bit too much, but I can definitely say she should never go back to the way she was before the update. There are many ways it can be adjusted to be better than what it is now and not as “overpowered” as it was before, so many people have made great suggestions on decent changes that still allow it to be good


I love the nerf to monolometrodon. Now i could decelerate it with my woolly rhino and testa.


She’s fine. The nerf is fine.


Nerf is fine for a double common legendary I’d argue, and before the nerf was metro was ludicrous in terms of it’s cost to make and the power it provided


I’ve just faced a couple in the Arena and it felt like a much fairer fight than it used to.


Was a very classy Ludia move. They just do not know how to balance creatures.

Before the update it was slightly too strong. But while some small changes on resistances or stats would have been enough, they completely destroyed Mono.


It seems to me correct that they have adjusted the Monomelotrodon, but it is too unfair that it was not considered that many of us spent money on evolving a dinosaur that is probably forgotten

They should consider the refund option when decreasing levels of clearly affected dinosaurs, after all when someone decides to evolve a dinosaur they do so thinking that it will be a winner

Ok this needs to stop. Before it was nerf now it’s buff. Monolemetroodon is fine where it is.


There will always be those who are unhappy at such a drastic nerf.

My son stopped playing when the Indoraptor gen2 and Yoshi nerfs made those two pretty unusable.

Personally I think the fault lies with the ridiculous way a simple to to fuse Dino could be so strong in the first place. Dracoceratops is still op for its components too.

If you want to continue playing the game for a long time, why should such an easy to make Dino like monolometrodon be as useful as it’s way harder to make unique?

I don’t blame the players who chose to take the quick and easy option by building and boosting monolometrodon, but now it’s where it should be, I think the majority of players are happy with the nerf.

Look at the history of Ludia nerfs… it was inevitable.


cough cough monolometrodon monomimus monostego… Whats next lol


And once again a call for a nerf rendered a dino completely useless. Not a fan of the dino myself but can’t stand to see dinos nerfed into oblivion. One less dino that is meta relevant.


No. The Nerf Was Perfection Imo.


No, it was too much of a nerf. I mean, Mono was not end-game defining.
Therefore tweaking either stats or resistances would have been enough. But not doing this AND replace the rampage with an impact.

Ludia should start focusing on the really broken dinos who are changing the end-game (Magnus? Lux?).

But its always the same. Nitro Thors? Mono? Rixis? They only challenge you in lower arenas. Mainly it is holding back the owners of these creatures because they all are not relevant in the end-game. (Thor is, but not the nitro boosted ones).


One of the easiest Legendary creatures to make that consistently beat out uniques was badly broken. The bully has finally been stripped down to where it needs to be. It’s on par with other legendaries, but the fact that it only takes easy commons to make means it should be a lower legendary. It still has plenty of resistances to stay relevant, but it’s no longer an arena bully. I for one wholeheartedly agree with this nerf.


To all the monolometrodon users that are complaining now, I want to say you reap what you sow.

I warned members of my alliance not to invest too much in this creature as it was clearly too good for an easy to make legendary creature and to have a plan to replace it as soon as it’s being nerfed. The timing of the boost shuffle is pretty much perfect for users of monolometrodon, I don’t see any reason to complain.


It’s supposed to be weak, its a legendary made from two commons.


Everyone HATED metrodon,if i were to bring rampage back,the resistance to decel would be 50%,and no rend resistance,and as well as distraction,instead of the impact,you’d not fight with THAT metrodon,+ make magnapyritor,he’s a stronger metrodon.

In my opinion, what they did to Mono was fine. Before the update it was just an easy to get version of Magna. The Fierce Impact makes it more of a Legendary.

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