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Please allow AI to reward trophies again


Picture this: Going into matchmaking, waiting through several 240 second wait lobbies, consistently being offered the option to battle AI because of a Battle System that promotes complacency for players to sit on their ranks. You’re at the rank you like? Why battle, you’re in essence “done”, you don’t need to battle, and you don’t need to worry about your rank because AI no longer supplements trophies for players that are looking to battle. What was intent of this new setup?

I understand the previous setup had the chance to reward players quite high trophy counts (up to 49) when paired with AI, that’s reasonable to be fixed, but why gut the chance to pull in some trophies all together? Atleast with the format of AI-earned trophies it kept players in check and reminded them “don’t get too complacent, otherwise your rank is at risk”.


give us a year to catch up to your team, then youll have some competition :grin:


Another suggestion is like trophy decay… just like in PoGo… if a player doesn’t battle for minimum of like 20 in a day( friendly battle not included), will lose 200 trophies .


By then I’ll have a team full of level 30 Uniques


I agree with this. Should have a decay rate for inactivity. With the inconsistency in the trophy system. A lose can drop you 20 spots. Which will in turn take you another 5-7 battles to get back. While ppl that don’t battle or chance their place can sit happily in their rank. Imo that’s not how a tournament should work. Should be the best of the best at the top.


all do respect its not best of the best

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How so? Because of different dino lvls?


yeah im more of a fan of tourneys like injustice 2. where its an even playfield and you win with your mind.


I agree. Could be a separate tourneys like friendly battles are currently

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When you get to the top, you’ll realize the game is HEAVILY a mind game battle, constant swaps/misdirect moves/etc


i understand and thats what i would hope to encounter up there.

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But ludia is a company and they are in a place to make money so that’s why these will continue. But in all fairness something should change or be adjusted. I like to battle. Favorite part of the game. And of course everyone is competitive so why should a tournament reward players for not being this. I could care less about fighting bots.

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I want to know how your dinos always act first when the two dinos are at the same speed, level and rareity. In the past all the battles with you, like 20+, although I tried my 200% best to click as fast as I could, your dinos ALWAYS acted before me. Is it because your phone or network works better?


We have been testing this. And we (our alliance) believes it is whoever is closer to ludia’s hq. (Canada)

Move first?

I see, well, no way I can beat you on speed lol.

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Lol. Hopefully this will be fixed soon


Hopefully! Thank you! They should think a better way to decide who acts first as more and more people will reach lvl 30.


I agree 100%


Also, on a different matter, Ludia, is it possible to let people have the choice of “keep waiting” or “fighting AI” after 2 mins? 4 mins is way too long. Sometimes I just want an incubator and I am in a hurry (for example, during work break) and I don’t feel like waiting waiting waiting …


How about making you can get trophies from AI as fighting a normal player, but making a cap. For instance, you can only get trophies 10 times a day from fighting bots, so people at the top can run their incubators and because there’s a daily cap, you cannot go crazy and simply winning by fighting bots.