Please allow language change in game options



Please allow a language change option in-game. There are millions of people using English as phone main language, but preferring their own language for games and apps. Currently, as I suppose, game uses phone main language if it’s available and not allowing to change it.

Please help, would be nice addition with minimal effort to do it.


Adding a language change option would be pretty nice for many of those out there who speak another language, but their phone is set to English for what ever reason it may be.

But just remember @Gleb, that most of the time it costs money to add a new feature into a game and they would need to hire outside translators to change the language of the game content and future content as well. But just say as to what language you were like to use, as then the developers can get a possible list created in the future, if that is something on their roadmap for future content updates.


Doowie, there are alredy 8 languages supported, basing on last patch notes, with Russian and Japanese added last time. It’s just impossible to choose those languages if phone is set to English as primary.