Please allow nonhybrid legendaries to be placed in sanctuaries

Para Lux is the first nonhybrid, wild spawning legendary, but it won’t be the last. This thing has recently been made into a global anytime spawn, which is a very good move. However, its still a short range spawn. Given the global pandemic, winter, and other circumstances preventing people from going out and waiting for this thing to spawn with its 0.4% spawn rate, I think its only fair to allow it to be placed in sanctuaries.

I’ve been fortunate enough to unlock one, but I have the privilege of being able to go out without much worry in a mask and whatnot. Others are not.

If you’re worried about lower level players getting a legendary too early (why would you make it a wild spawn then?) then restrict FIPing legendary nonhybrids to player level 15 or something.